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H311RA151N : 1998 Eagle Talon TSi AWD

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    Just getting back. Sorry guys. Life is nuts.

    Anyhow, the W4A33 trans bit the dust. Torque converter locks when the fluid gets warm. So I might have toasted the torque converter. However, I pulled the transmission pan and there are pieces of a steel (if you've ever seen a wet clutch before or a kolene steel) in the pan folded in half.

    I replaced the end clutch (4th gear) a week prior as it was slow to engage or would flair every once in a while.

    Also, the VSS doesn't work when you let off the accelerator. Speedo dips. Even with a new VVS. So, my assumption is the gear set or component that drives the VSS gear is moving toward the VSS gear during acceleration and away during decel.

    These transmissions live well into the 700hp range with nothing more than full line pressure. I did not have full line pressure. And the end clutches were shot (steels severely warped).

    My options are buying an IPT rebuild kit and IPT restalled converter ($650 kit and $520 converter) or having IPT rebuild the trans ($3000) and an IPT restalled converter ($520).

    So she sits. Driveable but like a manual trans without a clutch. So no stopping.

    I will get this fixed this year. Waiting on job stuff to happen. Which thankfully now I'm just waiting.

    I'm back in the state where I'm from those of you who know me. Hiding deep in the woods while the world seems to be falling apart. I am so thankful to be home. I'm happy, still fat as ever and have a roof over my head. So to those of you who I know, I'm alright!