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H311RA151N : 1998 Eagle Talon TSi AWD

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    Originally posted by Raf99 View Post
    Congrats on that job! Great thing to happen in this time of crisis. And those bolts. ugggg eeeek. I follow this ride because long long ago when I bought my cb7 I had narrowed my choice down to a cb7 or this car (eagle talon).
    I read this car was a major PITA to work on and it just fails. BUT if you know cars it can also be a great AWD monster. Your car looks good too.
    I appreciate it! Thanks! It was my first week and while it was challenging it was still a good first week.

    These bolts had me cussing a bit at times I admit. But, it's apart now so that's a huge plus. I can't wait to glob anti-seize on new nuts and bolts!

    I say you made the right choice. If you wanted AWD you could just go with an H to B kit and run a CRV trans and rear diff (I think that's what they use) and call it equal. Except you would have something easier to work on and well, probably quite a bit more reliable. Plus, you got 4 doors. So that's pretty much equivalent to a Galant VR4. Oh, and much better parts availability. You made the right choice from my perspective.

    This car is an honest 2-3 times harder to work on than the CB7 chassis in my opinion. There were too many hands in the cookie jar and it shows. And the typical "clientele" the platform attracts doesn't help matters.

    I will say one thing about the front suspension though. Having two lower control arms so to speak, the way the front knuckles articulate is quite odd. Not being knowledgeable about suspension geometry beyond a basic level I would assume that the design is very likely to be oriented around high performance handling characteristics. I will have to demonstrate when I put it back together. Just moving the knuckle with the car in the air is a sight to see. Both LCA's have ball joints. I had to study it when I was disassembling after I discovered how they articulated.


      The old transmission is out and the new one is currently getting tig welded in the area where the ear was broken off.

      I have the Forced Four DSM Plus 2 shift box. It looks and feels pretty awesome.

      I broke the driver side suspension & knuckle/hub assembly down. Even the wheel studs. I'm having them blasted and powder coated. Both the straight and curved lower control arms, strut forks, knuckle and the upper control arm also. Any information about prepping parts for blasting and powder coat? Like plugging holes etc?

      I purchased new nuts and bolts for almost everything. All OEM. DSM hardware is super expensive. I think I have over $200 in just suspension nut's and bolts.

      Also, I purchased new OEM ball joint boots and Energy Suspension outer tie rod end boots. I fought too hard to put it back together shitily. Pics next week.


        Still alive. Glad to see some members still kicking around here. Life is fkn' nuts. Has been for a long time. Damn cvd has everything messed up for a lot of people. Myself included. Still have every one of my cars. Miraculously. I still have all of my tools and equipment also. I literally haven't had to sell or get rid of anything automotive related which 6 months ago I wouldn't have even assumed would be a reality. I'm still kicking for the moment and hope everyone is doing well under the circumstances.


          Glad to hear that you are still doing well!


            Car is pretty much sitting now. It runs. Needs a shifter but still works. I drove it a couple weeks ago. Pretty much it.

            Not doing much with cars anymore. I still work on stuff but not like I used to. Doing it everyday at work (not cars) has me not wanting to do stuff I don't have to when at home. If something is broken I fix it and that's about it.

            I started out on this forum when I was in my early 20's. I'll be 32 this year. A lot changes during that much time and especially those ages. It's been pretty fun though. I might pick it back up again. If it weren't for current global circumstances I would probably still be involved but my perspective has changed in the last two years.

            Currently I devote my time to a bit gardening, bees, work, spending time with family and reading. That's pretty much it. Pretty simple.

            Hope everyone is doing well! Keep at it guys!