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deevergote : 1990 Mazda Miata

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    deevergote : 1990 Mazda Miata

    Purchased on 6/9/2016. It is now registered, insured, and being picked up tonight! These are the seller's photos, as I don't actually have it in my possession to take my own just yet.

    The car has just over 65,000 miles on it. It's an absolute baby, and it's been very well cared for. I'm the third owner.
    The guy I bought it from used it for autocross, and has it set up pretty nicely for that purpose. It's a perfectly docile daily driver, though. Not harsh, noisy, or requiring any compromise to drive. It even has functional AC and PS!

    It was hit on the front left corner, damaging the fender and bumper. The fender has been replaced. The seller spraypainted it with matching paint, though it came out with a bit of a satin finish. Not bad for what it is, but a repaint will be in order eventually. The bumper shows some damage at the corner where it meets the fender, but it's minimal. Again, perfectly tolerable until I decide to replace it! There's also some damage to the paint around the gas door, thanks to careless NJ gas attendants (we can't pump our own gas in NJ). I plan on touching that up to avoid rust. Other than those things, the car is in obscenely good condition. Very well maintained, tastefully modified, and clearly cared for.

    Engine / Driveline
    K&N intake
    Otherwise, bone stock

    Flyin Miata V-Maxx suspension
    Flyin Miata Sway Bars Front and Rear with 949 End Links
    949 Rear Subframe Brace
    Flyin' Miata frame rail reinforcement kit
    Garage Star Delrin door bushings

    Interior / Electronics / Misc
    Momo steering wheel
    NRG hub
    LED gauge bulbs
    LED backup bulbs
    Immaculate original seats, carpet, floor mats, and polished side sills
    New OEM shift boot and e-brake boot

    Bosch H4 headlight conversion
    Mazda Tribute washer nozzles
    Robbins OEM Style replacement top (did it myself... not too bad!)
    Gunmetal Plastidip with Dream Blue pearls.
    LED Underglow (non-working... that's what $30 gets you!)

    Wheels / Tires / Brakes
    TR Motorsports C1 wheels, 15x7.5 (TR Motorsports is Tire Rack's house brand... made by Enkei. These bad boys are 12.8lbs each.)
    Kumho XS in 205/50/15
    Drilled/Slotted rotors (brand unknown.)

    Coming Soon
    New paint!

    Driver's side. You can see the replaced fender and damaged bumper here.

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      Click image for larger version

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      After doing a pretty terrible rattle-can Plastidip job (pictures toward the end of this thread, currently Page 5), I decided to get the DYC Sprayer and do it right.
      This is three gallons of Gunmetal plastidip with Dream Blue pearls added to the final gallon. Not perfect, but good enough for me!
      My reason for going with plastidip was that the paint was literally flaking off as I washed the car. I sanded it down, primered, sanded some more, and decided to play around a bit with dip before getting it professionally painted. The front bumper is still cracked anyway, so I want to repair or replace that before paint. The bra is there to hide the ugly bumper.
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        One more


          Come to Pull a Part when you're down south and get a torsen so you can burn both wheels, Deev. Gotta love that filter placement...

          Also congrats on getting it! And getting married!


            Thank you, sir!
            It's strange... NO Miatas in any of the yards up here. Cars that belong there are being sold for $3500+ It has a viscous LSD, so it's better than nothing... but yeah, I wouldn't mind a nice torsen. The seller did pretty well in autocross (coming in third to an Elise and an S2000 at one event, he said) so it wasn't totally useless!

            The filter sitting over the exhaust manifold MIGHT not be the best idea... There's a heat shield, but I'm sure it's still sucking nice warm air. I'm not sure what other options there are, though!


              Please don't flip it Those old NA and NB Miatas without roll hoops scare me.

              Owner of


                Needs more stance.


                  Congrats Mike, looks to be an awesome base to sit on or modify eventually. The Japanese cluster is also nice (reminds me of the honda). When are you getting a hardtop for it? :P have fun & stay safe

                  and thats crazy NJ people cant pump their own fuel


                    some good tires and it should be a great track day car

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                      Looks like you found a rare gem. 1990 with only 65k...

                      Everything done to it is very tasteful.

                      On the topic of gas pumps, I don't know which states are like that but Oregon is another state that doesn't allow you to put fuel in your vehicle yourself. I recently traveled to Vancouver WA and was fueling up at night not aware of the law and had a gas station attendant get pretty "concerned" we shall say.

                      Again, looks great Mike. You got lucky. Big score on this one.





                          ^ You!


                            Road trip?


                              Oh yeah! Wow for being a 1990 it's in great condition!

                              No inspection is a good thing too! Haha

                              Keep it clean mike!