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    Yearly update time:

    IMG_2566 by Mike M, on Flickr
    IMG_2577 by Mike M, on Flickr
    Untitled by Mike M, on Flickr

    What's new:

    - Kicker / Subaru Plug and Play Tweeters
    - Kicker CSC6934 6x9 Front Door Speakers
    - Kicker CSC674 6 3/4" Rear Door Speakers
    - OEM LED Head Lamps with Sequential Turn Signals
    - Rigid Amber covers for the TRD Pro fog lamps
    - OEM Front Bed rail from a 2G Tacoma
    - Sequential Mirror Turn Signals
    - FJ Steel Wheels on 265/70-17 Nokian Hakkapelitta R3 snow tires (not pictured)

    Future Plans?
    I think this one is pretty much done as well. I struggle with doing something bass-wise. I've got the powered Alpine PWE-S8 but it just doesn't hit as low as I'd like. There's not too many options for subwoofers that fit behind the rear seats if you don't want to cut things or remove things. JL Audio makes a perfect fit Stealthbox, but at $700+ it's hard to swallow, especially since it does not come with an amp. I'd like to ultimately do a five channel amp with a sub, but I think it's a wait and see at the moment.


      Mid-late 2022 Update.

      IMG_3200-edit by Mike M, on Flickr

      I didn't do anything too crazy to the truck since my last update, although I've spent more than I care to admit on the parts I did change.

      My inner early 2000s tuner-kid side came out with a VLED underdash lighting system that mimics my old Accord, only so much better. It's tied into the dome light and parking light circuit so it turns on when the door is open and then turns on dimmer when the parking lights are on. I have under the dash and under the fronts of the rear seats. I currently have blue LEDs but I also have a spare of aqua LEDS that more closely match the OEM ambient lighting.

      IMG_0803 by Mike M, on Flickr

      I changed my snow tire setup again. The OEM FJ Cruiser steel wheels were a lot of fun, but they were really really heavy and the design of the center cap made mounting them on the truck a chore and it was impossible to get the lugs off with the OEM wrench. I went with OEM 2016-2019 Tacoma Sport wheels as I needed to stay with a 17" wheel to match my snow tires. I bought a set of cheap TRD decals for the center caps to try and jazz things up a little bit. Unfortunately one of my snow tires was damaged so I was stuck purchasing a new set for last year. I also plastidipped the OEM grille surround red for the winter to have some fun.

      IMG_3253 by Mike M, on Flickr

      Lastly I played around with the audio system a little bit. I added a Kenwood 5-channel amplifier and a JL Audio Stealthbox loaded with a 10-TW3-D4 10" subwoofer. It definitely gives me some low end punch, although I miss the set off car alarm bass I had with my Accord / STi stereo, which is funny as those were lower powered systems. I have some Noico deadening and Fast Rings for the audio that I still have to install at some point in time.

      IMG_9076 by Mike M, on Flickr
      IMG_9077 by Mike M, on Flickr
      IMG_9057 by Mike M, on Flickr

      I had a little fun trying to integrate the optional bass knob into the truck in the most factory-looking way I could. I'm so impressed with how small amplifiers have gotten. Unless you were looking closely for it I don't believe you'd be able to find where I have the stereo pieces in my truck.