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deevergote : 2014 BMW 535d xDrive

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    deevergote : 2014 BMW 535d xDrive

    2014 BMW 535d xDrive

    Here's my new-to-me daily. I work 35 miles from home (when I'm not working from home), and the commute is 90% highway... so I wanted something nice that will also get great fuel economy.
    I looked at hybrids. I looked at fuel-sipping 4 cylinders. I even considered electric.
    But I went diesel. 37+ mpg on the highway, comfy ride, and enough torque to pull my house down!

    It only had 55k miles on it, though it's lacking pretty much every option. Still, it's a 5 series, so it has more options that anything else I've driven!
    The previous owner was an old doctor. Traded it in for a lightly used RSX. He was a cheap bastard, apparently. He also must've whacked something HARD, because I have a blown shock (that I didn't notice during the test drive), and there was one new tire on the car.
    The paint isn't perfect, and it only makes 255hp (same as the 05 Accord Hybrid it's replacing), but the price was right. Overall, it runs well. I get why BMW is so popular!

    Engine / Driveline
    N57D30 inline 6 cylinder 3.0L single-turbo diesel
    xDrive AWD

    One blown front shock...

    Interior / Electronics / Misc
    Stock stereo.
    Authentic BMW all-weather floor liners (thanks mom!)

    Scuffs, scrapes, and scratches from being owned by an old man in North Jersey.

    Wheels / Tires / Brakes
    18" BMW Style 365 wheels
    245/45R-18 Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II XL tires

    Coming Soon
    New front shocks
    Apple Carplay retrofit
    ECU reflash to get me closer to 300hp
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    Good choice!!!


      Ya, nothing wrong with that for a cruiser. Looks good.


        It's definitely a nice ride. I can't wait until the shock is replaced, because it makes me cringe to hear it creak over minor bumps.

        One thing that is infuriating compared to Honda designs is that the unlock button for all doors is in the center stack. I can have the keyfob in my pocket and simply pull my locked door handle to unlock and open the door, but it only works on that one door. I have to either fumble with the keyfob to unlock all doors, or get in the car to let my passenger get in. In my Hondas, I would just open my door and poke the unlock button on the door for my passenger. So much better!

        Nothing is quite as intuitively designed as a Honda.


          Do you find the car is also huge compared to the cb7? I have a 2017 Audi A4 S-Line and just feels like a boat after changing cars. My beef with the locking system is that I have to have my key fob on me to lock the doors. Like if I'm done washing the car or outside in the driveway afterwards and want to lock the car with out the fob with me it won't do it. Even if I open the door and push the lock button.


            It’s SO huge! It almost feels like I’m driving a low SUV rather than a sedan. It weighs about 20% more than my Cadillac, even! I’m not sure I could get it in my garage.

            it does have one useful locking feature... I can lock or unlock via an app. So when I forget to lock it and remember at 1am, I can just poke my phone. Otherwise, I’d either need to go outside and lock it, or hope my fob signal is strong enough (my driveway is pretty far from the house.) crackheads WILL go through my car otherwise. They only want change, but they’ll pull stuff apart looking for it.


              It sounds like crackheads and bears have the same agenda when it comes to car interiors.