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1991 accord DX vs 2003 Mazda3

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  • jimmybean21
    Lmao... I thought those things were pretty quick.

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  • cb7inct
    lmfao!! nice!!

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  • fatboy1185
    Originally posted by Djmoua View Post
    -I raugh

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  • Djmoua
    started a topic 1991 accord DX vs 2003 Mazda3

    1991 accord DX vs 2003 Mazda3

    After a long day at work from 6am to 2am...yes more than 12 fckin hours of work...My coworker kept bashin on me to race him and I said lets try after work. I didn't know how much power these mazda3 has but figured wth...he seriously thinks he can beat me haha.

    2am hits, I'm tired as fck, not even excited to race, just wanted to go home and crash...
    ...I led the way, told him 3 honks at 50mph...
    -On the fwy/hwy (wtf ever it is...the road for cars)
    -I get in 2nd gear, he does too and we're at 50mph holding still.
    -I honk 3 times
    -I gave the guy a 1sec head start on the 3rd honk, so my front is at half of his mazda3 and then I floored it.
    -Vtec's already at the engaging point when I floored it and mazda3 is passing by easy and even more when I heard him already shifting into 3rd while im still going pass the 7k rpm.
    -I get into 3rd next and I'm already 1.5 car in front of him going about 90ish.
    -Into 4th gear, I'm 3 cars ahead reaching 110.
    -I slow down, had him catch up, rollin' 65ish.
    -He signals me he wants to go again.
    -3 honks at 50mph again.
    -Same results.
    -When we slowed down, I look over, he flipps me off and yells, "FUCK YOU ASIAN!"
    -I raugh and shay to heem...FOOK Yuuu!

    Mazda3 setup...
    My 1991 DX accord setup...
    -Exhaust system
    -Squeaky alternator belt
    -H22A w/F22 tranny
    -Yeaman's Shortshifter
    -NGK sparkplugs

    Next days at work...he's like:

    edit:...i meant 2004 mazda3
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