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Sparkle once again at the streetraces.

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    Sparkle once again at the streetraces.

    Okay everyone heres how it went down My boy nigel hit me up ou tof the blew over the phone askin me wassup with the streetraces. I told him I dont know whats popping. He asked if i wanna come with him and we get the whole click together to roll through. I said aite imma pass through Before on our way there we decided o go to greenpoint. It wasnt bad at first thats where i had my second confrontation with the same eg hatchback that had a fully built lsvtec motor.

    I knew him his girlfriends friends neighbor used to live next to me they where cool peoples. He works at a racingshop called NRG-tech in longisland hes cool too . But getting back to the races Everones asking me do i wanna run me being modest and all I didnt want to at first then I figure what the hell as long as noones looking(cops) ill give it a go.
    So now its on im testing out my new ecu's launch control from

    I bogged because of the launch control I still needed to work on my burnouts to warm the tires up and get em nice and sticky. The civic had no problem doing that. So during the first launch i ran the civic from a dig the ecu put too much torque down i wasnt able to keep traction and i lost but it was by a car I was kinda happy because i had gotten used to the ecu. So we decided to run it back.

    I got a good launch with good traction and took him all the way tot he end of third put the hazards on and won. Then i slowed down he decided to make a u-turn and go back to the line. And thats when i had a gutt feeling that some shits about to go down. So i look ahead and there I thought it was a cop coming up the block I drove like a normal person I prayed for everyon ewho was back at the spot. So i went to the meet up point again NIgel told me and the crew that it was nthing to worry about it was those rental security guards with the amber ligths ontop. But I though the shit was police s oeveryone scattered from the spot.

    So later on about 20 minutes later in the freezing cold everyone at the spot decided to go back and watch nigel once again said to me yo that other civic wants to run. Said fuck it lets go. So the evo is right in front of me and the scratched civic red bubble in the pics below was waiting for the modified souped up evo to get out the way.

    The evo just stood there So me ad the guy im supposed to be racing im looking around gettin that nervous feeling the adrenaline was pumpin my heart was ready to jump out my chest and run. And theres a car coming up from behind us nice and slow. And gets up right on our ass and turns his lights on . Both me and the civic took off.

    But when theres a crowd shit gets complicated . Not only we had to dodge all cars but we also had to dodge other people who jumped back into their cars peeling out in the middle of the street like when you turn the light on in a filthy apartment building and the roaches see the lights and then they all scatter well thats what happened.

    The cop was chasing after this one civic and everyone was just in the way I drove on the opposite side of the lane facing traffic driving at a regular speed so that noone wouldnt run into me. That was a close call. So I called it quits for the night enjoy the pictures.
    my boy nigel im sure youve all met him at the last meet
    nigel on the left me on the right

    and company I cant remember this guys name but he was runnin just about everyone at the spot Even though his car was scratched up prettybad

    everyone raced on one single strip. The amound of cars there where shocking there had to be about 200=250 cars all linin up back to back at the spot. I went to run at the spot and they wanted this civic ek to run another car. I guess they prolly knew what i was runnin and that i t wasnt gonna be fair so they asked me to leave the line so i left like fuck it ill line it back with someone else. Thats when the cops came and everyone left.
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    Sweet! haha that kinda sounds like the illegalz down here in the Bay Area. I haven't been to the illegals for almost a year now since it's been on the news. A guy was getting carjacked by gunpoint and the dude didn't want to give up his prelude... so the guy shot him. His friend or brother i forgot came up to the shooter wondering what was going on and the dude fled not even taking the car. Since then, HWY patrol and helicopters patrol that area too much now. We would race near the train/truck loading docks where the payloads would sit and the security over there don't even care. They are young guys and they would park their patrol cars and watch from a distance and watch and cheer on. Every now and then a cop would come by and everyone would scatter like disturbed line of ants. I almost got hit 2x trying to flee the scene. It's kinda fun and a rush having a cop car chasing...but it sucks for the person thats last in line to leave the scene. Once I was the 3rd car at the end of the line and the car right behind the cop took a sharp left and evaded him, the car right behind me then got pulled over.

    Over here you get a ticket and you can even now have your car impounded for participating at these events... whether you are racing or not.

    Yeah but 200-250+ cars thats crazy! We get maybe around 80or so at the most and it's always Imports vs the Domestics. The cleanest domestic I seen at the races was a Elanor? dunno if I'm spelling it right, but it was a older mustang that looked something like the Gone in 60sec replica. That thing had a massive blower and had a really nasty idle. He was whoopin Z06's and STI's all night.

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      That sounds crazy man, witch accord did you use the turbo or the type s
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        Hey h22sparkle you know I luv ya bro but your ass is CRAZY.... great kill though..
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          that was one of the hardest things to interpretate



            Originally posted by tonymontana1204
            That sounds crazy man, witch accord did you use the turbo or the type s
            I used the type s the turbo is the one thats gettin rebuilt


              Originally posted by 92ex
              that was one of the hardest things to interpretate

              LOL You're making fun of his writing skills and you made up your own word (it's interpret). Nice! You rool.


                which car is auto?


                  Originally posted by Cb7shot
                  which car is auto?
                  their both manual


                    nice runs. cant wait till im boosted. so your keeping the accords?
                    miss my turbo cb7
                    moved onto volvos. dont know how that happened, just did


                      not to be off topic here but did Sparkle really get banned??damn if so


                        Prob temporary ban from arguiing with another person. That other person is prob banned also.

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                          sparkle man banned.....he comin back??



                            I just read a thread where you talked about knowing when to race and when not to.

                            And then here is this. Street Racing.

                            I have news for you dumbass. If you know when to race, you wouldn't be racing in organized street races. Period.

                            Then you continued on and on about "ricers", yet the number 1 thing that affiliates people with ricing is a junky car that is being used to street race...


                            That is odd indeed.

                            What does your car run on a track? Do you even know? Can you even pass tech inspection?

                            You stand here and wave your balls around about how fast your car is and how much money you have.

                            Let's see it in the form of a sanctioned timeslip.

                            Race that.
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                              Originally posted by sackingz123
                              sparkle man banned.....he comin back??

                              He'll be back in a few days.

                              He got banned for being stupid, and turning another thread into a trash talking session.
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