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I'm Baaaaack :)

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    I'm Baaaaack :)

    Hello all, been a while!

    I just recently picked up a '93 DX sedan, pretty damn clean. Has 254k on the clock(mostly highway), and come to find out is a car that I've maintained at a shop I worked at in the past. Im the real-deal second owner of the car, and the first owner used it to commute back and forth from here to Nebraska where his company is based.

    I'll post some pics in a few, just figured I'd pop in and let everyone know I havent forgotten about the CB7 community!

    Plans for now include driving it, and maintaining it. I MAY wind up throwing an H22/23 in there eventually, but that'll be down the road and after I have another DD lined up. In the mean time, I'm still building my '91 GVR4 and getting that sorted.

    Anywho, Glad to be back!

    '92 h22 CBMRT-->

    UNICORNS=donkeys with plungers stuck to their faces...

    Cant wait to see pics.


      Good to see you back! If your last car is anything to go by, I have faith it'll be great in time. And it sounds like you even picked up a very clean example. We've got a whole new slate of Colorado members, it seems. Still few, but at least they're there.
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      Accord Aero-R


        Glad to have you back!