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    Moving to DFW!

    Next weekend I will be packing up my things and moving to DFW. Specifically, I'll be working in Corinth, TX. My company is a major partner on the I35Express project and I'm being transferred there to run to concrete/asphalt batch plant and oversee precast structure production. Some old co-workers and upper management from the project I was working on here in Houston are up there so the transition should go smoothly enough. However, I don't know where I'm going to live yet.

    I'm short-listed to move again soon assuming we win one of the projects we're bidding here in Houston (find out in September) so I'm not ready to buy yet. If enough time passes and I'm still in DFW, I just may. But for now, I'm in the rental market. I've seen some homes in Corinth and South Denton that are nice, and within my price range. We'll have to see how this week goes. It's looking like I may end up staying in a hotel for a week or so to feel the area out.

    I won't be bringing the CB with me right away. I may have my CL-S6 up there, though. The CB is still torn down for an engine swap and extensive suspension work.

    Anyway, I didn't really intend for this to be anything other than an announcement. I'm looking forward to the move and the new environment so if there's anything I should look into or try, let me know!
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    Cant offer any tips on DFW, but I hope it all goes well for you.
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      Tips stay off 35 and 635. Lol. Hope to see you soon brother. The cb community is growing as we speak in the cb game. If your interested in getting to kknow fellow accord owners look up accord club dfw tx on the fb page. Thats where you will find most around the dfw. Tho there are plenty hiding around we dont know yet. Haha. Good luck on the move man.
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        Well, I'm here now.

        Despite warnings to stay away from I-35, doing so would be impossible. My job is to rebuild I-35. I moved into a large rental home in South Denton and I think it will suit me perfectly. I have a clutter-free garage to move my engine building equipment into, so that should speed up my stroked H22A build. I did end up bringing my CL-S6 which worked out because I met someone who liked it and that does body work. If you've seen the thread I made for that car, you'll see it needs some attention.

        I hope to sell my other CL-S6 and motorcycle soon and buy a pair of jet skis I've been eyeing. There's a drop point for Lake Lewisville very close to me and I forsee this summer involving many trips out there, if work allows.

        Anyway, I'm liking it so far, but still have much to explore.
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          I think you'll like the DFW metroplex. It is very different from the Houston area, IMO.
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