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    Out of the game

    For Sale thread now live!

    Hey guys, its been a long time coming, the car has sat for 4 years after it the motor failure. I had lost my passion for the car and tuning in general and let it waste away. I stripped all the parts I put into and have posted them up for sale. I am now in a 2001 Integra LS and still have my 93 Prelude si. I have renewed focus on those cars and will be wrenching on them as my new projects. I might come back to the cb7 chassis but in a wagon maybe in a few years times, but we will see.

    -I will also request to be removed as Mod since I have not been and will not be active on here anymore outside of sales thread.

    Sold too: Grumpys93, '93CB7Ex, Bunta, prodh22accord, SSMAccord, fleetw00d

    Damn, sad to see another one go but completely understandable (been teetering on that edge myself).

    Keep wrenching and I hope to see you come back sometime down the road.
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