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May 4th chattanooga meet

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    Damn, he had said something about him trying to stop by.

    Oh well.

    I wanted to meet everyone today :[


      Originally posted by loud92CB7db18
      thanx for the gas money by the way and sorry i took moms meal money
      It was her asthma medicine money, and she wants to talk to you about it.

      Member's Ride Thread

      Will work for food, car parts, or three stripe apparel. And not necessarily in that order


        haha tell her im sorry .... and if she wants ill get her some ice cream from micky d's
        Members Ride sold...
        I'm back...... with a coupe. oh boy here we go.


          Originally posted by jewinabox
          I finally got my 30 posts haha.

          It sucks I didnt get to make it to the meet, so I guess I will have to meet all of you another time.

          The CB7 pulled hard the 5 minutes I got to drive it haha.

          Looks like it turned out to be a pretty good meet.

          Maybe next time.
          According to jacob, the next meet won't be that far off... you could always also go the the florida meet.
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          Originally posted by H22Artman
          if he still disagrees. well...... buy him a pink sweater and tell him to go buy some curtains.
          Originally posted by deevergote
          I posted a nude photo of myself on it broke the site.
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            yeah jacob is planning something but not even i know exactly what it is


              I knew I was forgetting about something this weekend
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                Originally posted by akkordlayinkit
                I knew I was forgetting about something this weekend

                Haha. All you had to do was drive 20 mins to downtown.

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