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What have u done to ur car lately.......

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    What have u done to ur car lately.......

    i noticed we dont have one of these thread and i like the idea of keeping everyone up to date on the state of ur car. even if its just maintenance. pics r welcome and encouraged.

    ill start, i just got jdm headlights black housed, bb6 side markers, and an alignment.

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    New paint job

    Fresh New Paint

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      i got my electrical gremlins fixed, wagon buffed and waxed, rims painted gold, got my computer chipped, now i need to hook up my vtec and done.


        got my Fog shrouds on my JDM fogs tht are on my JDM Bumper

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          ripped off my legend lip...

          aint done nothing but work on everybody elses shit !!

          but hopefully in the next week i will have the rest of my wiring done on my car !!

          Originally posted by Devergote
          A CB7 with an H22, a clean paintjob, HIDs with a projector retrofit, some nice wheels, and a mild drop on H&R Sport springs and Koni Yellow shocks... that's the perfect car. I'd be happy with that for the rest of my life.


            installed my short shifter

            added h22 tuning decal to car

            got my car tuned by jose (d112crazy)

            fixed electrical gremlin in my cigeratte lighter so my radar works again

            fixed my exhaust leak hopefully for good

            got some new used tires put on from jacob

            old news but kinda new ...

            had suspension installed by me, jacob, and nic


              did basic tune up and seafoamed the car. tomorrow im gonna put on a new iacv.

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                Massive Engine Cleanin..(although it was clean but i made it shine!)
                Painted Stock Shift Knob just earlier today (crapy phone pic) no camera

                it looks better during the day..

                it turned out pretty damn nice

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                  suspension overhaul. replaced all the bushing tie-rods new suspension neuspped race on koni yellows. Polyurthane bushing in the front. Rear upper strut tower installed sway technique sway bars bout to be ordered next week. Getting new tires. BFgoodrich g-sports from what i hear they are the best.
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                    blew my motor
                    Originally posted by deevergote
                    Just do what PR CB7 said.

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                      Originally posted by PR CB7
                      blew my motor
                      ouch...u can buy my h23 for 250 if u rebuild it i have all parts for rebuild just need to have the time to rebuild it ill give it to u for free so u can check it out ur self...if u are satisfied with what u see u can pay me and if u are not ill take it back

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                        i re painted my grill to match the car, took off my mud gaurds, and got some new goodies.

                        and this is just a small part of what it's going on.

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                          -got my 5spd running
                          -got my suspension set up how i want it(for now)

                          what i NEED to do:
                          -fix my 5spd issues(wont engage into gear)
                          -clean my car(has been sitting for about 5 months)
                          -do a oil change
                          -paint my moldings


                            To much shit to list.


                              absolutely NOTHING... no motivation at all

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                              Originally posted by d112crzy
                              And it can only get better. That's the best part.
                              All I gotta really say is:
                              People of cb7tuner, this AUTO is NOT a joke. It has impressed ME, the hater of auto's.