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Anyone near UCF?

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    Anyone near UCF?

    My brothers 91 SE is dead right now...

    It was running fine and now it doesnt start.

    He said the only wierd thing that he noticed was the clock was off by a few hours like the battery was disconnected or something. But they tried to jump it... nothing.

    I had him replace valve cover gasket (oil on plug), plugs, cap/rotor, and plug wires. Still doesnt start.

    I am 4 hours away, and his next option is to tow it to Honda $$$ Just wondering if anyone might be in the area and willing to see if he might be overlooking something. Hes not car stupid... but basically its just a "transportation tool"...

    Did he check the main relay? But that won't have anything to do wit the clock being off
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      Almost sounds like a short. I wish this would have happened two days ago when i had my day off.

      could be the ignition switch. Does it turn over at all? Or just does nothing?


        I dunno why my 'instant email notification' thing doesnt work...

        Well, it turned out to be something in the distributor. Not sure if it was the entire thing, but the coil was a bit low on the readings it was supposed to have. I had a spare one in the garage, so I was lucky enough to have to drive up there, and put it in. Now it runs great again.