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Anyone in the ATL area willing to help me do work to my bmw?

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    Anyone in the ATL area willing to help me do work to my bmw?

    I've got a pretty bad oil leak coming from some worn out gaskets.

    It's a $5.00 gasket, yet 4hr labor charge at my indy. Which that 4hr charge, I cannot afford right now. There's also a $330 part, that is fixed for $12. With the accompanied indy hour labor charge.

    So I'm wondering if anyone is willing to let me come over to their house, and help me with this job? I'd need to use your tools, and your garage. With you there, obviously.

    I'd need a
    torque wrench
    1/2 socket wrench
    torque wrench
    32mm wrench
    rubber mallet
    and a few other tools

    I've got no tools up here, I just moved up here from savannah for college, and my apartment complex frowns on doing any automotive work in the parkinglot.

    I've got to replace my oil filter housing gasket, then do a makeshift freeze plug repair as well.

    Link to the DIY:

    I haven't made any "car friends" up here yet, I can give you a case of beer and lunch for your troubles

    Any and all help is MUCH appreciated.

    where you located?? And when are you trying to do it???



      I'm in Oakwood (4 miles closer to atl than gainesville), and I'm trying to do it as soon as possible. I don't have the gaskets yet, I'm ordering those on Monday. So as soon as I get the gaskets in.

      I drive to Kennesaw and Atl multiple times weekly, so I'll drive to whoever, distance isn't a big deal to me. Unless it's like 100 miles away.


        doh!. i <3 working on bimmers. too bad your a lil ways away.