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FLAccords 3rd Annual Anniversary Meet - August 21st

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    FLAccords 3rd Annual Anniversary Meet - August 21st

    Welcome back to our 3rd Annual meet. Last year we tried to make it a little bit of a car show to make people try to at least bring out some nice cars and it worked out great - however this year we want to turn it into more of a social meet than anything. Not all of our cars are finished, actually none of our cars are finished - so this is a meet for the people. That means food, drinks, and having a good time. As such - this year we are going to make it somewhat an all weekend event for the people who want to have a mini-vacation in Daytona Beach.

    But for those of you who are just going to be here for a meet, it will be at:

    Frank Rendon Park

    The park is named for the late Frank Rendon, a long-time community leader. In December 2003, the park celebrated the completion of a three-acre addition to the existing Frank Rendon Park.
    Volusia County provided the land and paid most of the $850,000 in expansion project costs. The project was funded in part with grants from the ECHO program and the Daytona Beach Racing and Recreational Facilities District. The Frank Rendon Park project was the County of Volusia's first completed ECHO project. Daytona Beach Shores maintains the park.

    2705 S. Atlantic Ave.,
    Daytona Beach Shores
    (about two miles north of Dunlawton Boulevard)

    And now for the itinerary for those who will be part of the festivities.

    Friday, August 20th
    "Meet & Greet" Dinner @ 8PM
    Sapporo Japanese Steak House
    501 Seabreeze Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32118

    A couple blocks from the SUGGESTED accomodation (information below). The price is about $20 a person, more if you plan on drinking or what not. (This means bring $40 to be safe if you're going to have a few drinks + tip) This is a real steakhouse, with hibachi (where they cook it in front of you) and according to Tom the portions are great and you won't leave with an empty stomach.

    the plan will be to check out Downtown, walk around and probably go club/bar hopping - then back to the hotel to crash and prepare for the morning.

    That's too expensive!

    Not really, to get a show, and people cooking in front of you, and to get steak,shrimp,and chicken for $20 with rice among others, it's a good price. Trust us.

    That's too early. I won't be able to make it.

    Ok. I'm taking a half day off work friday. Maybe you should do the same?

    Saturday, August 21st
    3rd Annual Meet @ 11AM
    Frank Rendon Park
    2705 S. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach Shores

    You know the deal. Arrive early if you plan on parking together, in fact I SUGGEST you all come as early as possible to get a spot. We will try to see if we can reserve spots but if you've seen our pics, it wasn't so easy. We might actually just jam everyone into one section, and if you can't get out, oh well.

    The meet is from 11-AM to 5PM afterwards, plans will be made to do some sort of photoshoot. Get with ME, TOM or JT if you want information on this.

    Dinner @ 8PM
    "The ORIGINAL" Houligan's Irish Sports Pub
    1110 West Grenada Blvd, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

    Dinner @ Houligans. Dinner is probably about 10-15 per person. More if you drink. Please make RSVP with BONH or TOM if you plan on going so we can accomodate everyone.

    The meet is from 11-AM to 5PM afterwards, plans will be made to do some sort of photoshoot. Get with ME, TOM or JT if you want information on this.

    Afterparty @ ....whenever we leave dinner.

    The actual plan is to hit up Razzles and go from there. But we're throwing the idea back and forth. NONE-THE-LESS we will be hitting downtown once again and continueing the festivities. Afterwards it's back to the hotel, crash, watch tv, play beerpong, WHATEVER - we'll all be chilling together.

    The meet is from 11-AM to 5PM afterwards, plans will be made to do some sort of photoshoot. Get with ME, TOM or JT if you want information on this.

    I don't like to go to clubs.

    Me either, but I'm in Daytona, I don't mind chilling with the folks and buggin' out.

    Where's the hookah?

    I'm sure it'll be there. Ask Wildwulf for more information.

    Houligans? Why there?

    It's cheap, it's good, plus we might have a hookup. But if we do, TIP THE WAITRESS.

    How can I donate to the meet?

    Simple, paypal the money to If you don't have paypal, give the money to someone who does, and if you don't know anyone, then either give it to me during the meet or whenever you can.

    Where are the photoshoots?

    I don't know. We'll plan it out, TOM is a local and knows the locations. Get with us during the meet to get apart of it.

    Sunday, August 22nd
    "Meet & Peace" Breakfast @ 11PM
    Bob Evans Restaurant
    2000 W Internatl Speedway Blvd
    Daytona Beach, FL 32114

    Just right off I-95 and International Speedway Blvd is Bob Evans, we had more success here than anywhere else due to IHOP and Denny's being packed in the mornings. The breakfasts are good and reasonably priced and they accomodated like 20 of us. After we're done, we say our goodbyes and wait to do this again next year. And once you get home, log on and check out the AFM10 thread.

    What if I don't have any money and I don't want to eat there?

    Don't come!

    Recommended Accomodation

    Tropical Winds Resort

    Photos from PREVIOUS years.

    First Year

    Second Year

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    Totally fucking awesome. I cant say if I can come to this one, but I will try! If I do come, I will have to bring my Civic and I know yall will make me back in the lower 40 somewhere hahaha


      Is nobody from CB7 going to this?


        Updated the accomodations.

        The meet is usually not in large numbers, just so you know - it's more of a social meet as you can tell.

        I'm shocked nobody has posted in here. But what can you do!


          ok ... so i posted on this ... NOW WHAT !!!

          Originally posted by Devergote
          A CB7 with an H22, a clean paintjob, HIDs with a projector retrofit, some nice wheels, and a mild drop on H&R Sport springs and Koni Yellow shocks... that's the perfect car. I'd be happy with that for the rest of my life.


            tomorrow son

            174.92 BHP / 171.45 WTQ