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    Nopi Southeast moved

    For the last 3 years, Nopi has come to Bristol Motor Speedway, easily the best motorsports facility in Tennessee, and used it as the place for the NDRA and the carshow series in early July. This is apparently to be no more. It sucks, for several reasons.

    1.) They are splitting up the races and the show...personally I loved having both in the same place. The show will be at Chillhowie Park in Knoxville, TN and the races will be held in Nashville, TN.

    2.) The Bristol Motor Sports facility is the premier facility in Tennessee. It is build to handle a capacity over 160,000 people. This Nopi event doesnt draw that number, but it does draw quite a crowd. It was originally moved to there because of the excessive space.

    3.) I loved having this in my backyard. I live within walking distance to the track, literally less than a mile away. Yeah thats selfish...but I'm not a huge NASCAR fan, so this was my redemption.

    The main reason I've heard this action happening is that the police force of the City of Bristol said they "couldn't regulate a crowd of this size." These are the same cops that maintain order during NASCAR race week...when Bristol becomes the 3rd largest city in Tennessee. From what I hear, it was the Bristol Virginia Police. This comes as now suprise to me...everyone that's ever driven in VA knows that VA cops are fucking Nazis. Rumor has it that Nopi wouldnt cut the Police as much as they the event just moved. Even the people who work at Nopi are angered that the event had to be moved. I guess it's no huge deal to most, but this was easily my favorite thing all summer. I always looked forward to it...but I guess I might just drive to Ktown to see the show anyway...

    Actually...I have a better idea...I'll just go to Nationals in Atlanta instead.
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    Coupes weren't mean to be sleepers

    Originally posted by Liljord05
    Actually...I have a better idea...I'll just go to Nationals in Atlanta instead.
    See you there