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"The Jarvis/Honda Meet" (The Varisty) 10-1103 @ 2pm

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    "The Jarvis/Honda Meet" (The Varisty) 10-1103 @ 2pm


    This won't be one of our a typical meets...:

    Our good friend Jarvis (red_gto) will be leaving on the 20th of October for his home country of Indonesia . So, it will be the last chance for Jarvis to meet you guys and vice-versa. The plan is to meet on Sat. the 11th at The Varsity in downtown Atlanta @ 2pm . I chose the Varsity b/c it seems to be relatively close to everyone and a well known land mark. I hope that works out for everyone. Once we have all eaten....we'll hit the streets for a cruise. And depending on time....I thought about doing a mountain run. But that alone will take about two hours. If enough people are down with it we'll make it happen. I went on one with a celica meet a couple of weeks back and it was hella fun!
    If you think you can attend and/or have an opinion about the mountain run please post.
    As always....the more the marrier.
    If you haven't been to any of the meets...please come to this one.


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    DriftinZzzCreaTionZZZz...break y0 self foo

    won't be able to make it as i will be on call at the hospital

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