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$250 Carbon Fiber Front lip?

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    $250 Carbon Fiber Front lip?

    Hey I was checking this out just curious what you guys thought for $250. I've heard ok things about the website selling them.

    Personally, I'd never spend that kind of money on a lip. I could think of tons of other things to spend 250 dollars on.

    What part of Washington state are you from?


      If you want it , go for it. If you want bragging rights , why even bother.

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        With that much why not just get polyurethane lip‎

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          Thanks for the reply's. I'm from Everett but I'm living in burlington right now.


            i dont think its worth it personally. but its your $ though
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            BIG Thanks to HondaFan81 for all your help!!


              I'd rather put that money towards a Xenon Mild lip or Sigma lip.

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                ...up to you...for 250 i can get a nice lip at a junkyard for 20-50 then use the rest for engine parts or mods.!!!! :P

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                  Thead over.Not worth the money at all.
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                    Originally posted by JoshM View Post
                    I'd rather put that money towards a Xenon Mild lip or Sigma lip.

                    Originally posted by JDMchristian991 View Post

                    Thread over. Not worth the money at all.
                    You didn't fork out the cash for it, and you destroyed it.

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                      Could just buy carbon fiber weave and wrap a lip for less then a hundred bucks
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                        Originally posted by cb7pr View Post

                        You didn't fork out the cash for it, and you destroyed it.
                        It broke going into a parking lot under 5 mph.Weather i paid for it or not they are alot more fragile then you'd think.



                          i'd rather not get it but then again. its not my money. lol. i've seen one break during the winter and so that steered me away from getting one.
                          ive had a poly urethane one for months and it hasnt broken on me yet

                          do what you want.

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                            The lip would look great but for the money and the fact that they break so easy, i would stay away from it.


                              I agree it's pricey, I've just been looking for a good lip that's better than the "ex" lip and havent found much. I like the hole's at either end and don't wanna mod a cd5 or legend one.