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Those who want black interior pieces

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    Those who want black interior pieces

    Since everyone and their uncle on here wants black consoles, black panels and pretty much black anything for their interior, and with SE's being in high demand and low supply, I have the next best solution for all of you.

    Me, being the SE hoarder I've been told I am, have had ownership of 3 SE's over the past 2 years. One was my daily, the other 2 were parts cars.

    Now, as many of you know from my MRT, that I have recently finished a complete interior swap and overhaul in my new coupe.

    Black SE carpet, dash, rear shelf, trunk panels and trunk carpet. Tan SE leather seats & seatbelts, and my original maroon coupe door and rear seat panels, kick panels, door sills and centre console all painted black.

    For you to get your almost OEM match black interior pieces, you need to use SEM Interior Coating spray paint in Semi Gloss Black.

    When I have my painted door panels closed against my black SE dash, you can barely tell the difference. The texture, colour and finish looks completely OEM.

    While the original SE dash has had 20 years to fade from natural sunlight exposure, the new paint matches very close, and is just about a 100% match when the dash is wiped down with a vinyl care product.

    Se for yourself with proof in my photos. The $14 that one can costs is much cheaper to redo your existing pieces than trying to locate and swap black ones.

    This interior went from this:

    To this

    To this. These were the original maroon panels, sills & console

    In the one pic looking in the passenger side at the dash, you can see the dash looks very light compared to the painted panels. I forget what product I had used, but I had wiped the dash down with something and it came out all dry, streaky and faded looking.

    I can assure you this stuff looks legit, and IMO, is the next best thing for those of you who cannot find those rare black pieces.
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    Looks amazing!... Is this the spray you recommended?


      Thank you. That's similar, and will probably work. I'll have to take a pic of the cans I have. They're in a black can and has a picture of an interior on it.


        This must be it?


          Actually, I'm 90% sure it's this one


            Dang $30 a can regularly? (List Price: $30.60 | Price: $12.80)

            How many cans could I expect to use? 2-3?


              I paid $14.95 per can at my autobody supply store. I think I went through about 4 cans, as I did 2 coats per piece I painted.


                I think you did a great job! But please paint your glove box handle. And sem is a good product to use.


                  Those are all old pics. I have an original black SE glove box handle in there now. The last photo was taken on the weekend. The seatbelts are swapped, but I still have the maroon buckles. I'll spray them black next time I pull the seats out.


                    Damn looks like they came that way brand new!!! Very nice interior man! A+ job!
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                      The insert on my driver's door isn't 100%. I cut it a little short on the top edge where it curves up below the door handle.

                      Either way though, I like the black tweed, and the chrome strip on the panels give it a little touch of luxury and retro style.


                        So did you spray the carpet as well?? Just wondering
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                          No, the carpet and dash are from an SE. I did however spray the carpet & speaker covers on the door panels.


                            Oh alright.. But you think it could work on the carpet as well? Cause I was thinking about that but i don't think it will look good.
                            WHEN LIFE PASSES YOU BY...DOWN SHIFT...


                              Looks Good I really like it and the chrome on the panels really sets it off