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Honda accord Floor mats that fit cb7

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    Honda accord Floor mats that fit cb7

    What year honda accord floor mats would be the best fit for my cb7? Its impossible to find grey mats to fit my car unless custom.

    I believe 90-93 are the only ones that fit correctly. It is tough to find original ones in good shape these days.
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      Cd5 ones fit good.

      I have a set of 1st gens. To put in my car. Brown tho.


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        2010 accord coupe mats fit good too

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          Originally posted by STREET-SPEC View Post
          Cd5 ones fit good.

          I have a set of 1st gens. To put in my car. Brown tho.


          yeah I got some Grey CD5 mats from the JY a month back and shampoo'd them.

          They dont match exactly, my Grey interior for some reason has a small tint of blue to it whereas these mats are more light grey and only grey no tints of anything.

          But the front driver and passenger sedan mats fit nicely into my sedan. The coupes I'm not sure about.

          Front 2 CD5, rear 2 CB7....there's a slight variation but only if you put them side by side in light will you notice. I definitely think quality went down after our generation mats though. The piling in the carpeting is a lot cheaper and lower grade compared to the CB7's thick, plush piling. Both are OEM, stock for stock, both had Honda part numbers

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            wow, great info. my DS floor mat looks like the grand canyon. lol
            Originally posted by cb7dazz
            And you're english is much better than some people on this board and it's their primary language.
            Originally posted by Jarrett
            ...for example


              Are you ever down in Portland? I've got a full set of grey mats from my coupe, I stripped all the carpet out and my wagons interior is tan/black so I'll likely never use them...


                Thanks for the info guys.


                  acura TL 96's are a tight fit but they work. acura cl 97-99, and 6th gen accord floormats are good too.
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           JY sourced passenger floor mat from a CD5 has a silver raised badge on bottom left side. Maybe a 96-97 change? Or a 97 special edition change?
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                      I was in the search for a set for my coupe and couldnt find one. I ended up buying a set from a 95 but this one was a v6 5th gen. Idk if they changed or i might have gotten the wrong ones cause it doesnt actually fit right. Driver side is the one i had issues with.

                      I saw that the onnmes i have are different around the latch for the trunk and gas tank. It actually wraps all the way around instead of just cutting off and out like yours does.

                      StraightAs jamz720


                        hate me or love me but il chime in I have found 3 sets and own 3 sets of Oem mats and the fit great .... except for the fact of my prelude seat conversion... never tried anything else I love the rush of finding OEM parts for a 21-24 year old car

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                          You could always make some yourself, I have a thin sheet of rubber matting I think I am going to use my old mats as a template and cut some fresh rubber ones may even fit them a little tighter in certain places should be easy enough using exacto knife an maybe a heat gun.


                            Came across this the other day, thought about getting it and dying it but seemed like a shame.