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91 "zenki" bumper?

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    91 "zenki" bumper?

    Recently came across a zenki bumper and need some details before I make a decision. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

    Are there any fitment issues with these bumpers on USDM cars(fenders, grille, etc.)?
    Do they fit on the USDM '93 crash-bar?
    Will my '93 headlights/turn signals fit properly or will there be a gap?
    Are these just normal 90-91 bumpers with different fogs or actually "JDM"?

    Those look like normal 90-91 bumpers w/ fogs to me.
    My '91 LX build. Bought September 2017. Sold June 2020. /> t=209871
    Current mileage: 399450 5/18/2020

    My '92 LX build. Bought Novemeber 2019.
    Current mileage: 422679 11/21/19


      The dark colored one (black?) is a JDM bumper. The silver looks to be, but the clarity of photos doesn't lend itself to the license plate area enough to confirm. JDM bumpers have a recess for the license plate the US bumpers don't use.

      The silver one definitely has JDM fogs. The USDM fogs are flat.

      The 92-93 headlights are more curved and will not fit as well as 90-91 headlamps would fit. It's doable, but will look "off". I used to run a 92-93 junk bumper in the winter and store my stock front bumper with lip / fogs and things always looked a little funky with the 90-91 headlamps.

      If you're going to convert, you might as well do the whole deal. The 90-91 JDM one piece headlamps used to be cheaper than their 92-93 counterparts if you wend down that road, but I don't know if that's still the case as it's been over 10 years since I've been into buying / selling the parts.


        Thanks for clearing that up!

        This is exactly the information I was looking for. So bumpers with recessed license plate frames are true JDM bumpers then. Thanks!