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How to make the paint in my engine compartment look shinier without repainting?

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    How to make the paint in my engine compartment look shinier without repainting?

    I've used that spray foam engine cleaner a pressure washer and a scrub brush. But the paint in my engine compartment still looks dirty. Is that how it was supposed to look today not clear coated or is there a way that I can make the paint look shinier without having to repaint?

    Unless you plan to repaint any engine parts soon I give "303 Marine UV Protectant Spray for Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Fiberglass, Leather And More – Dust and Dirt Repellant - Non-Toxic, Matte Finish, 32 fl. oz. (30306)" a try.

    It's not specifically designed for painted surfaces but I've had good luck with it on my engines Works really well for rubber, vinyl and plastic parts which it's designed for but should also give your painted parts a slightly shinier and consistent matte finish too...

    if you do plan to repaint it soon after you apply it may take a lot of effort to remove completely.
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      ya, if you already did the scrubbing then a re-paint is required. Sounds like the dirt is in the clear coat now and just been there too long.


        Oil and other crap that lives in your engine bay can do bad things to paint. After 30+ years, if it hasn't been kept clean, that paint is probably too far gone to be shiny. Damage from various engine bay gunk plus embedded dirt as Raf99 mentioned has probably left the paint beyond repair.

        You could TRY deep cleaning, clay bar, compound, and polish (at least if you have a mini rotary tool) on some of the more accessible areas, but you may do more harm than good.
        If you REALLY want it to look good, pull everything out of the bay, sand it smooth, and repaint it properly. Then maintain the new paint from day 1.


          I would assume the underhood areas did not get clearcoated from the factory like the exterior body parts, so maybe that Wipenew stuff mentioned in another thread above (with the blue RSX pictures in it) could give you an extra deep shine look if that's what you're after.


            • Spray engine cleaner over entire engine and engine bay.
            • Spray to remove engine cleaner and dirt from engine bay and engine with water; either from pressure washer, self-serve car wash bay pressure washer, or water nozzle attached to your own garden hose.
            • Blow engine and engine bay area with leaf blower, or compressed air to remove excess water from engine before starting engine.
            • Start engine and run for 5 minutes to completely dry all moving parts.