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Remove Spray Paint from car

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    Remove Spray Paint from car

    So I just go another cb7. Mechanically it's fairly sound. It just needs some cosmetic help. the previous owner decided to spray paint the stock mirrors and part of the taillights black. I prefer a stock look and want this paint removed. What is the best way to remove the spray paint? I am fully prepared to go to my scrap yard and get new mirrors if needed but I know they don't have any 2 door models for me to take taillights from.
    Does anyone else have a monthly budget of 10mm sockets or is it just me?

    I was able to remove primer from a bumper (the paint actually just peeled off) using just rubbing alcohol. Brake cleaner might do it, but not sure if it will harm the plastic. Same thing for paint stripper (assuming you don't want to remove the correct color underneath).

    What color? Edit: This is the beginner section, so no buying/selling. You have enough posts to go to the classifieds.
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    Come and get it.


      As always you're the best fleetwood. Ya, she's the oem Acadia Green. I'll message you.
      Does anyone else have a monthly budget of 10mm sockets or is it just me?


        i've had good luck with mineral spirts on plastic lenses. as for a painted surfaces, you can try paint thinner, mineral spirts, or goof off. always be sure to do test spots. later.
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