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My car was stolen and now needs repaired

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    My car was stolen and now needs repaired

    I hope I can fix all the damage done on my own and could really use some help. First off I used to be on here about 10 years ago but don’t remember any of my log in info so i stared a new account. I had just bought my new cb7 and with in a week it got stolen. I was hoping that the thief was someone that knew what they were doing but no luck. It looks like they used a pry bar to bend the door open and messed up the top of the door as well as broke out the window. Somehow they also managed to rip the drivers side mirror off as well. They then punched the ignition and cut the wires.

    I hope I can load the pics to find out if I actually need a whole new door or if it’s just the molding. The door looks like it is bent out but it could be the molding making it look that way.

    the door glass, mirror and ignition/wiring is all dependent on just buying them. I’m sure I can find most of this stuff at Pull & Save.

    my next thought is that we (cops, tow driver and I) could not get the car to start. The battery was good enough to turn on the head lights and there were a few popped fuses so no interior lights. What other reasons could I be looking at for the no crank no start? For all I know they killed the engine or fried some other electrical system. I don’t know how to hot wire a car.

    out side of the smashed window and busted mirror everything else seems to be there. It is gonna suck hauling all this stuff on the bus system but I’ll figure it out. Priority number one is at least find a new drivers door window so I can keep the weather out and lock the door.

    I know this is gonna be a fun project car once I get it back up and running.
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    Any thoughts on the actual door. How will I know if it needs replaced?


      Hey. So where the bend is that rubber piece pulls out. Start near the corner. Looks bent, so I'd get a hammer and piece of metal to sit behind there and see if you can straighten it out. It will never be perfect again unless you get a new door. But... maybe a repair shop has the tools to straighten it out properly too. I'd need to see a closer pic.

      As for starting. We need to know if it just cranks forever? Fuel pump turning on?


        Yeah. The easiest solution is a new door sadly.


          Thank you for your advice and it is what I found out today when I was at the junkyard. I did pick up a window and side mirror but I’m afraid to install the window cause the bend in the door frame looks like the reason the window broke.

          the trim piece that goes up the side of the window is also bent. It looks like it can be bent back into place I just need to know how to remove it.

          I saw on someone else’s post that there are three screws under the door seal that needs to be removed but all I found is what looks like spot welds. Any thoughts or what am I missing.

          As for the bent door frame I’m good with the hammer idea for now. Maybe down the road I’ll replace the door but not right now.

          Again thank you for your advice.


            I think this is the part that you are asking about.



              Yes it is. And now the blonde moment I was looking on the out side of the door frame not the inside. I’ll check it in a bit I got food cooking right now.


                Yep got that one almost fixed. It’s bent close hut needs some fine tuning. Project for another day.

                still trying to work out the dent in the door frame. I don’t have the right tool for the job at home but I’m sure I have it at work. Will try to pound that one out later. I’m afraid to install the window right now due to that pressure point from the bent frame.

                I also found a decent side mirror at the jy, but I want to take it apart so I can clean it up so I can repaint it. The mirror glass normally pops out fairly easy but this one sure don’t want to come off. I have used a nylon body clip popper a screw driver and my hands to try to pop it off I even sprayed some soapy water in the back in hopes that it would help. Am I missing something. There is a screw in the middle of the bottom that I can undo but not too sure what it is to. I looked at the broken one and I think it is just a clip to hold the front and back pieces together. I really don’t want to end up breaking the one I just got. Help needed for sure thank you in advance.


                  You have to unscrew the little Philips screw through the hole on the bottom of the mirror housing. Push the mirror to look fully up and it should reveal a small retaining clip. Use a flat head to pop it off. Then the mirror assembly should pop out. To get the lens out, you have to remove the mirror assembly then on the back there is a small rod that holds the lens to the adjusting assembly.
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                    Well I’m sure over the time it has locked it self in cause I stripped out the screw. I’ll have to drill it out at work unless this can be done with out removing the screw.


                      I drilled the screw and it popped right out on its own. Thank you. I can’t see a way to get the wire harness out to separate it. Do I have to take the motor apart to un do the wiring? Do