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I need some help with finding a set of Grey interior door panels

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    I need some help with finding a set of Grey interior door panels

    Alright so I am very much well aware that I'm not to be buying parts yet since I'm still a newcomer and not a member yet. I have been part of the Discord server for almost 2 years and have been talking with others on with any problems with my car and as well as what I should do. I have tried messaging moderators and admins to please bump me up to member status because I can't just make a bunch of lousy posts to get my numbers up because I will for sure get banned. I really think that post limit should be lowered from 30, although I understand why it is in place.

    Anyways, ever since I got my CB, I have been in a constant search for a full set of Grey interior door panels as well as a grey center console for a 4 door Accord. Since I live in Michigan, these cars are incredibly scarce, and even more so in junk yards and pick and pulls. Over the past 2 years I have contacted well over 10 individuals on Facebook Marketplace alone with either zero responses, or zero luck in even coming close to making a purchase. I have also contacted several yards across the U.S. and have had zero luck in that aspect as well. I have only had 3 Accords come into the yards all around Michigan, and all of them have had either Brown, Beige, or Maroon interiors. Which obviously won't work out for myself. I am honestly becoming quite desperate and have even tried to get my own door panels re-upholstered and the best deal I was able to find was for $300 per panel, along with zero guarantee that it will look right, or even be able to done in the first place. With being a high-school student who just dropped 4200$ on a new paintjob, another over 1000$ is not easy to save up for even with a job.

    So if anyone has a nice set of Grey interior door panels and a Grey center console for a 1992-1993 Accord, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message. If you know of any cars near you with a good set in a junk yard or part out, and you are willing to grab them on your next visit, also please let me know. I will pay whatever the panels costed you along with anything extra on top (within reason) plus shipping. I live in the Detroit Michigan area and will discuss further details in DMs if you have a set. Thank you so much for your time and hopefully I can get this resolved.

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      Are the hard parts of your existing panels in good shape, or are they not gray and you're changing your interior color? I've helped someone in another state with getting interior panels before, and shipping such large boxes can get super expensive, like well over $100. You'd be surprised at how much just an extra inch in any dimension can add to the price of a box's shipping when they get that big. If your panels are already gray and the fabrics are just worn out, a DIY reupholstery doesn't look too difficult, and you have the chance to upgrade the materials.

      My local yards are a bit flush with CBs right now though (go here: and take a look at the Denver and Aurora, Colorado yards; no interior photos, but still), so I could take a look on Friday and DM photos of what they have. They list a "door panel" as $27.50.
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        I'm just doing an interior restoration. Unfortunately the hard parts of my existing panels are the parts that are damaged the most. They have tears and creases in them from the previous owner who I'm sure didn't take too good of care for the interior. I find it kind of odd how well these panels hold up, it seems like every single car I see has better interior panels than mine by a long shot. The only real option to fix them would to have them completely redone with OEM material, which as I said would cost me a ton.

        Yeah I was sure that shipping would be quite a lot, but that is a price that I am wiling to pay. As long as that doesn't reach the cost of getting them completely re-upholstered which I highly doubt.

        Do you think there would be a way that I could have a set of panels shipped and payed for from one of those yards? I know my local ones wouldn't do that but I'm not entirely sure about anywhere else. I know I wouldn't be able to go there as Colorado would be more than a couple days of driving, and with the mixture of school and work, it just would not be feasible at this time. I also know for a fact that my parents would not want me to drive up there myself so I would have to take my Dad with me and I'm certain he would not be on board for it unfortunately.

      i ripped my grey rug off the panel and have those floating around....


        I don't know how to reply directly to your sub-reply box, but I'll check out those two yards on Friday and if they have any grey interiors I'll DM you photos of the available door panels (and center consoles?). I'll ask them if they offer any shipping services while I'm there, but if not I can go through UPS/FedEX myself if you want to go ahead with the purchase. I can get some large, thick-walled cardboard panels from work for free to make a box out of, too.


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          Okay that sounds great, thank you so so much! I apologize for being late to reply, I'm only signed in on here on my computer at home but I am signed in on my phone as well now. So I should be able to get back to you pretty quickly if you send me a DM on here. Yes a center console as well if you find any. Once again I really really appreciate it!