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Whine after amp install

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    Whine after amp install

    As the title states, I installed component speakers, then decided I wanted more power, so I installed a boss r2504, after I installed this there is a faint whine in the tweeters, if there's more current pulled, ie headlights on, the whine increases in volume, I ran my rca's next to all my power lines, could this be the cause? I'm going to unplug the rca's and see if the whine persists, If not I am going to probably get shielded rca's or run them on the opposite side, does this sound correct?

    Originally posted by Sleezycb7 View Post
    ........................ I ran my rca's next to all my power lines, could this be the cause?..................
    Yes. Or bad grounds. More likely power wires to close to speaker wires.


      Thank you for the input, I'm gonna try and do some troubleshooting and see how it goes


        In every (and I mean every) vehicle I have owned with aftermarket audio I have this issue. It always a loose connection. It you are using any RCA style connectors, double check to make sure they are fully connected. I've had to tape the connections together before.
        Does anyone else have a monthly budget of 10mm sockets or is it just me?


          I've noticed with headlights on or ac it does it, more pronounced higher rpms, but it occasionally won't do it, so I'm thinking ground or cable loose. Just need an hour of free time to look.


            If the rcas or remote wire are ran on the same side as the power wire you will get whine. Run the power wire on 1 side of the car by itself, and the rca and remote wire on the other side of the car.