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Why did my antenna stop working after adding circuit?

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    Why did my antenna stop working after adding circuit?

    I have a 92 cb7 lx sedan that I bought as a first car recently. Absolutely love it fun car but when I got it the antenna didn’t work. When I got a new radio and harness to replace some crappy cheap one, It starting working perfectly! (Pretty crazy I’ve heard ) then recently I got a socket panel to add another dc port, usb and a voltmeter. I decided to splice it into the existing cigarette port with t-taps into both the 12+ positive(white with blue stripe), and the negative (black). it all worked but when I plugged my radio back in I thought I heard a pop (fuses look fine) and the radio still works but the antenna doesn’t go up or even make a noise. I’m pretty sure it’s an electrical problem not mechanical failure of the motor. Thoughts?

    You will have to get a manual / electrical diagram and find out what fuse the antenna runs off of and check the wiring from front to back. It also sounds like you overloaded the fuse maybe? Or have a loose wire.
    - Check fuse for antenna
    - If not blown check if you have 12V at antenna wire
    - If no 12V then you are back tracking until you find the issue between the antenna and the fuse box