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CB35 with F20A2 by AccJacek

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    I love the color! Its amazing how well the red looks on your cb

    Keep up the amazing work!

    I think I found a color to paint my car, if you don't mind

    Bought from:AbsurdNY,92smokeaccord,cb7inct,nevi325,xkjnboix,cb 7resurrector,JoshM



      This looks amazing. I can tell you love your cb very much
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        So today I add next small things - rear wing

        Red is nice but keep it clean is drama only white is worst so when You start thinking about repaint i recommend carbon bronze from VII gen it's real nice and very long looks good




            Very very nice car. And the work on the interior is a thing of beauty. I wish I could find someone who can sew like that around me. They would have my business for a long time.

            Keep up the great work!


              The lip looks great. Really needed one.

              I'm so glad I found this thread though, so many ideas for my interior.
              Love what you've done with this car... you obviously love it as well.

              RIP my last two CB7s.
              New rides:
              '82 Volvo 245 drift project
              '87 Volvo 244 daily


                Hi All

                I was absent plenty of time but not sleep.

                Right now i will present new set of modification is one but for me very big and important ( i know in US is piece of cake )

                All components of suspension was sandblasted and repainted.
                All screw are new or galvanized.
                Finally all bushings are exchange for polyurethane or new.

                And finally installed caliper from NSX NA1 and reworked to 300mm base on Wilwood disk brake - against drum previously.


                  I like all the hard work you are putting into this CB. Phoenix Red, DX. They are just too pretty! I like the theme you have going on here. Keep up the good work!
                  The CB7 Collector.
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                  92 EX Sedan F22A1
                  Originally posted by deevergote
                  Do you really need to make a thread asking if having your car like this /---\ will cause uneven tire wear? Try walking like that for a few weeks and see if your shoes wear funny! (hint: they will.)


                    exquisite!!!! WOW!!! this is just INSANE!!!! Good Job!!!


                      Uff past few years I do only cosmetic changes until this Year where decide to build G2,05 engine base on H22A head and F20A2 block. Problems was a lot ... i don't find any info how to swap from carburator to injection only basic informations. So if someone decide to do I advaice don't go this way. Was necesary exchange all electrical kable from engine to ECU, new fuel line (carb have only one). Fuel tank from injection, fuel pump. And on the end even engine bay is a bit different so you need do monting points.

                      On the end all this job don't give any satisfactionary result.... engine without power, and work badly. Was instaled 3 different ECU, 3 different Injectors 240 280 and 300, different ignition units.

                      My opinion pistons are have wrong profile and we have low compresion ratio for injection. Here can only help new program for ECU and turbo.

                      After 3 month fight I decide we go to full H22 .... 2 weeks later car runinng like creazy.

                      Now we have winter so car is in garage and wait for new exchaust manifold and P13 with Spoon ECU.