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Mikey's wagon photoshoot

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    Mikey's wagon photoshoot

    About time I took some slick pics of the wagon.

    Been stealing lots of parts from the coupe in the process of cleaning up the wagon.

    All the details are in my MRT.

    Such a gorgeous day today, decided to take a few pics.

    Don't mind the side skirts. The bottom clips aren't in right now.

    Hope you enjoyed the pic whoring.

    Looks great, Mikey!
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      Originally posted by Nurega View Post
      Looks great, Mikey!
      Thank you. I absolutely LOVE this car...I think I have stronger feelings for it than the coupe lol. I held out long enough and found the perfect wagon. 5 speed, already modded a little bit. Can't beat it for a daily driver.

      I think it was just meant to be. I still get the good ol' feeling when I get behind the wheel of the coupe.....but that will all change with the engine swap.

      I'm so happy with this wagon. It is exactly what I wanted/needed when I wanted/needed it. This thing gets so much attention, no matter where I go, people compliment and question me about it.


        Loving it I need to do that too.

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          Pics inside the hatch with out the system?? And do you have pics of the box/amp racks removed....interested on how they built it


            That is one clean wagon, you beat me to it. The neighbors down the street looked at me funny when I offered to purchase the wagon they never move, they said they would get back to me on that. lol


              Originally posted by Soufkackicustom View Post
              Pics inside the hatch with out the system?? And do you have pics of the box/amp racks removed....interested on how they built it
              As you wish. It's ugly back there, all stripped out with no side panels or full carpeting....

              The enclosure was made of all MDF, wrapped in blue vinyl. Very beautifully done. A local Calgary member will be taking the box and enclosure for his wagon sometime this week.

              The whole thing was made in 2 sections. The side pieces were 1 piece each, and met in the middle of the sub box. The sub box is just a massive MDF box.

              I just bought some 6x9 boxes today and put my JL 6x9s from the coupe in them. Half assedly mounted them in the sides.


                That is one hell of a box. Some place put some serious time into that. I never payed mine much attention, are the rear panels just removed, or are they cut by the back seat

                That's a pretty little penny worth of amps you got sitting there, I swear this car was in a magazine way back in the day for the audio install.
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                  The install was so beautifully done in this car, it really hurt to rip it out. However, I had no idea how any of it was wired up, what things did what and I'd never be able to make it all work again on my own. I got the car with the headunit removed and just a tangle of wires hanging out of the dash.

                  The original side panels and cargo cover are long gone. The wagon trunk floor is there and completely functional though. So now I'm left to track down some side panels and trunk carpet.

                  I sold all of the amps, wiring, subs and misc stuff for $200 because it's worth nothing to me, 10+ years old (this car had a VCR installed in it lol) and I have no room to hoard it.


                    Thats a nice wagon bro


                      Yo Mikey ...

                      What rear wiper is that from? .. I likey ..

                      My CB9/Wagon Thread Start to Finish:


                        Nice man!

                        There is still enough room in the for 3 dead bodies!

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                          nice gap ,, i want something like that
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                            Nice man!! Your wagon is boss!
                            I fly by like the coupe grew wings!!!
                            My coupe!!!

                            Originally posted by Racer_XXX
                            Excuse me miss, YOUR FUPA IS IN THE WAY!!!


                              I like.

                              Works hard get nice things.
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