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Hey everyone. Weíre back!

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We sought to keep the same general feel, along with our beloved black and orange color scheme. You may see some things changing here and there as we make some aesthetic tweaks, but all should be running smoothly now.

In addition to looking all fancy, this new version should be extremely mobile friendly. Hopefully that will make it more enjoyable for those of you that do most of their browsing on their phone!

Pandemic and cp[mike] literally busted their asses over the last couple of weeks to make this new software a reality. Without them, this never would have happened.

So, welcome back!
Feel free to ask any questions, give us your observations, and offer suggestions (no promises on implementing anything, but who knows!) There's a post for discussion in the Beginner OT section of the site.
Also, if you experience any weird errors, please let us know ASAP. We tested everything pretty thoroughly, but Iím certain we havenít squashed all the bugs just yet.

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Second time's a charm - 93 Accord SE Coupe

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    Second time's a charm - 93 Accord SE Coupe

    So let me start by highlighting that my previous posts regarding rust repair were on a 91 Coupe, as I received a couple of PM's regarding it. I did finish that repair, but it wasn't up to my own standards in the end, in addition to finding more detrimental rust later on. Both of those circumstances pushed me to look for a coupe that was in better condition overall to really start a build, I stripped my first Accord for usable parts, gave the rest to another CB owner and searched for greener pastures..

    Finally on July 22nd I found the right chassis, a 1993 SE Coupe that I took home the same day. 240,000km, automatic, YR505M with a tan leather interior, and the least amount of rust I've seen on a stock CB7 locally.

    The next day I was already transferring any good parts from my old CB into the new car, luckily the parts that were broken in the new coupe were in good condition in my old one. I swapped the interior door handle trims, door sills, dash vents, window seals, trunk springs, quarter windows and more.

    Which brings me to the current day as my new coupe sits;

    My plans for this car involve a K24 and a lot of engineering, with luck it'll end up being a really fun car.

    This looks like a good project and it's off to an enthusiastic start.


      Nice. This brings back memories, and I'm coming along for the ride. This will be so interesting. Wish I were there (as in building a SE coupe as well).
      The Lord watches over me!

      "...they did the bowties, I did the ascots, as much as I have, I'm still reppin' the have nots..."

      - So Raspy


        Spent today ripping out the old disgusting carpet and did some cleanup on the floorpan. Luckily it's in excellent condition, which will make modifying it much easier.


          Good score! Second time - LOL; I'm looking for number 13.
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            smart move upgrading to no rust chasis! Looks very clean


              Nice find brother!!

              1992 Honda Accord EX My Ride Thread H23A BLUE TOP Complete


                Small update amidst waiting for parts forever

                Boss had a couple of RSX seats laying around upstairs and figured they'd be better off in the Accord. I laid the passenger side seat in and I like the look and feel, so I'll be modifying them to fit. Ultimately I want the entire interior to be black/gray instead of tan, so this is a good start considering the og tans were in rough shape anyway.


                  That seat sits right in there like it just belongs. The driver side should pull it all together full circle. Nice score.
                  The Lord watches over me!

                  "...they did the bowties, I did the ascots, as much as I have, I'm still reppin' the have nots..."

                  - So Raspy


                    Picked up some wheels for a five lug swap that I'm planning on doing. They're 17x7.5 et40's, ignore the no-name tires, those are just rollers.

                    Also on the topic of five lug swaps, would I be correct in assuming that all I need for the front is a complete 96 Odyssey knuckle with everything attached, hub, rotors, caliper, etc? And for the rear it's just a matter of getting 97 Prelude hubs & bearings with ITR discs to press in on the original CB7 rear knuckle?
                    Last edited by Yodamaster; 08-22-2020, 10:59 PM.


                      Took a few hours today to swap over some parts I had, Megan lower control arms, new passenger side trailing arm, front and rear camber arms, front sway bar. Only thing I didn't put on was the rear sway bar because I didn't feel like drilling into my subframe just yet. When I purchased the car, the passenger rear wheel was extremely toed in. I checked under the car before purchasing it and found that it was just a curb hit that bent a control arm and the trailing arm. Once I swapped in the new parts everything returned to normal.

                      Also discovered why these cars rust out so easily near the rocker panel, Honda in their infinite wisdom decided to leave a hole in the wheel arch and just fill it with seam sealer, right where debris tends to hit and collect. I can't understand why they would overlook this, they put a plug nearby on purpose, this just lets salt and water sit and fester. It's identical on the other side, so I know this isn't just a previous repair. Not going to be too hard to fix.


                        Went looking for stuff at the junkyard today, luckily I found a first gen Odyssey with intact front suspension! Immediately yoinked that setup and put in an order for mdx rear knuckles.


                          MDX rear knuckles? I'm intrigued.
                          MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


                            Yeah, took the bolt pattern dimensions off the CB7 rear spindle and compared them to an MDX knuckle in the junkyard, they were very similar, perhaps some small modifications to be made. Either way it's the closest thing I could find from Honda with a powered 5x114.3 rear hub.


                              What do you mean by a powered rear hub?

                              We can put on Prelude rear wheel bearings that have hubs that are 5x114.3.
                              MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)