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Myself, and the other mods have been very nice and lenient with the rules. We have been deleting threads, and giving out warnings. Some members didn't get the clue and re-posted over and over... Now ANY member buying or selling in this section will be banned... No IF's AND's or BUT's.
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F22b on f22a ecu

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    F22b on f22a ecu

    New member here alot of you have unknowingly helped me at some point or another. Today I found a f22b dohc at a local junkyard I only took the head the block had a nice window in it.. unfortunately the ecu was already gone so I plan on running my stock f22a6 ecu will it run the engine well since I'll still be using my f22a6 intake manifold and injector setup along with a6 stock block.. sorry if my gramer is shit I'm a welder so I cant see shit on this phone and I dont know how to make my text bigger lol

    It'll work, but it won't be right. Chances are you won't notice the difference, though.
    It's likely that the car that had the F22B DOHC didn't have the correct ECU anyway. Probably why the block was ventilated


      I found the reg and contacted the p.o so I've got a lil more info on the car I got the head from.. the engine was imported a few years ago and sat around in the shop floor for a while eventually being put into a prelude. He ran it with no intake tube or belly pans and apparently hydro locked it in the rain.. head checks out ok no bent valves or binding cams. Ima throw it all together and hope for the best if it goes boom I'll just get another junkyard block for 118$