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92 ex cb3

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    92 ex cb3

    Hello to all,

    Might as well post in here until I can do a proper thread after the 30 post limit.

    New to the forum, and Accords, though I've been into cars and posting on several forums for a few years, so broadly get how this all works.

    I'm UK based and have owned a few VWs and an E30 BMW in the past but Japanese cars were always what made me tick really. Unfortunately between UK insurance and the JDM fanboys, I'm basically priced out of most of the usual suspects, so have been casting around for left field choices for about 4 months. I very nearly pulled the trigger on importing a Toyota Cresta from Japan but got cold feet at buying so unseen.

    Enter a 1992 CB3 executive saloon that I almost immediately fell in love with. 2 owners from new, the first 20 years with an elderly gentleman who had it dealer serviced every year, and the last 8 with an enthusiast who clearly loved her and added some nice touches. 130,000 miles with full history and virtually every receipt.

    I've had her for 5 days and done about 200 miles. A few little things to sort but generally super happy with everything thus far.

    All of which brings me to posting here! Gave her a wash today so will put some pictures up in the next post.

    Here's a few pictures, hopefully I've remembered how to upload images correctly.

    Its mainly the paint work that lets her down in a few places, so that'll be first job on the list after a proper service etc.


      Paint looks pretty good in those pictures - a lot better than mine anyway!
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      Come and get it.


        Thanks dude - just had a quick skim through your thread, certainly not dealing with anything quite as serious as you are corrosion wise! The rear arches are just starting to bubble and theres some odd lacquer peel here and there so wanna get ahead of it and give her a refresh.

        Ordered some new brake pads, filters etc too but could do with the ground thawing a little first before I go spend a few hours lying on it.

        Loving the wealth of info available here, there doesnt seem to be much of a community for them in the UK compared to the states.


          Looks good! The wheels look nice and flush. Are you running spacers? Whats the heart in your cb3?
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            Looks good! The wheels look nice and flush. Are you running spacers? Whats the heart in your cb3?
            Thanks dude. No spacers, just 17x7s. They're not at all my cup of tea on paper but the gold really suits the burgundy I think. Long run I'd like to switch em up for some splits to really make her mine but we'll see how long it takes me to get bored.

            Standard F20A, sounds lovely and raspy on vtec!


              Looks great! You should get the gold honda badges for the car.


                Looks great! You should get the gold honda badges for the car.
                Thanks man. I'm still in 2 minds about what to do with the front end in general. JDM headlights would be nice but I'm not made of money for the OEM parts and all the others I can find seem to be US made and I suspect reflect the wrong direction into traffic for me in the UK.

                I knew of, but only now am really growing to appreciate how mix and match certain parts are. Not quite sure if I've figured out which markets/trims and years came with which front bumpers yet, still stalking other threads trying to decide what I prefer. I like the bumper with the extra fogs and intersection lights, but not sure if I prefer it to the cleaner lines I have at the moment. Ditto with the OEM grill versus a mesh aftermarket item.

                Between a few days of heavy snow and working from home, I've not had chance to drive her much this week. The arch gap is already starting to irritate me though. Coilovers needed imminently. Until the next pay check arrives and I can order some parts, heres a few more pictures.


                  Nice Like you said, maroon with gold wheels always look good together!


                    Wish I had your headlight washer nozzles too


                      Originally posted by Raf99 View Post
                      Wish I had your headlight washer nozzles too
                      I need a new one for one side actually, has a crack in it. I've not yet managed to find a replacement online though - can anyone recommend me somewhere to search for one before I get robbed by Honda?


                        So this how she's looked for most of this month.

                        Finally got the chance to go for a decent cruise around at the weekend. Going to order coilovers and a bumper this evening hopefully, though I'm expecting both of them to take forever to get here thanks to Brexit.