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92 ex cb3

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    So unless it came factory with them, most of us had to cut the holes out to mount the fog lights, the amber lights are just bumper lights to indicate which way you are turning. If you remove you bumper you should have the fog lay out outlined. You may have to wipe it down first in order to see it.
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      Ah, thanks for the tip on the fog layout dude! Thought it'd be something along those lines.

      Think I'm gonna add the extra fogs while I hunt down something a bit more out there like a Wald bumper. Not seen much in the way of aftermarket aero that looks nice so need to get trawling. Ideally I wanna find a full Inspire front clip, need to learn Japanese I think!

      Ordered some Tein coilovers finally to minimise the front arch gap as well, just needs an inch or so taking out and I'll be happy.


        The Inspire came here as the Acura Vigor. The front end isn’t a direct swap. Doable, and it has been done, but not without a good bit of custom work.

        As for aftermarket aero, I’ve always been a fan of Erebuni and Kaminari. They both made milder looking kits that enhanced the CB’s lines rather than trying to make it look like a different car. I’m not sure if any of their stuff is still made, though. Tracking down good used stuff will be tough. And expensive.


          Yeah we missed out on the Legend and Inspire/Vigor here in the UK altogether until the 2000s.

          Did read through a thread on here of a guy who'd done the Vigor front end, not too scared of the necessary modifications its just accquiring the parts. I guess I'm just looking to put my mark on her and should be patient.

          I've seen a very lo res picture of the Kaminari but would love to see better pics of it on a car. The front lip is still available so might take a punt at that actually though. As always, thanks for all the valuable information guys.


            Where abouts in the UK are you? I'm guessing Yorkshire from the houses! I'm from sunny Stoke on Trent.


              Welcome! Nice, clean CB you have there, I wish my paint looked that nice. (It's on my to-do list.)


                Ya, i think it would be impossible to find headlight washers now. Recently I seen a EDM front bumper where the bumper had indents in it for the washers. I've never seen that before.