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it's been a loooooooooong time

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    it's been a loooooooooong time

    hey ho all. my name is jason. i run FFC. i've been a member on here since 2009, but only mostly in creeping and learning. hahaha. some of you i know personally, some of you i have met through sales, some of you i have met at CAM since i was running the FFC booth, and the rest, i hope to get to know. i know she's not a CB, but here is my sled. i am happy you guys are keeping the forums alive!!! hondasociety has fallen in with most of them and we have no new real activity, so i am happy to hear you all are still sticking with it. anyway, any questions, ask away, and i hope to see you around!!

    i guess, moderators, i need to see about setting up FFC as a preferred vendor? i do not want to overstep any boundaries here.

    Welcome, nice CD5. I'm hoping we are talking about Fat Four Customs (FFC) I run FFC rear UCA/LCA, radiator bracket, and wish you guys made rear shock mount top hats (like you do the front )
    I was just at the site the other day wishing....


      Welcome, nice car. The CD is my second favorite chassis (wanna guess what my first is?) I love that paint color.


        I just messaged Deeve about this, shoot him a message and he should get back to you.

        That really is a beautiful CD, I don't think I've ever seen it before.

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          Welcome! I often creep over to Hondasociety to see what the CD guys are doing.

          I just ordered FFC shifter bushings a couple of weeks ago. The weather hasn’t been pleasant enough to install them just yet.


            Hey Jason,
            sure, I’ll get you set up as a vendor. We don’t have any actual product vendors left here, now that our two most recent ones have treated our members poorly. It’ll be good having a quality company catering to the Accord again! I’ve never dealt with you personally, but I’ve know of FFC for years, and your reputation is solid.

            I’ll get you set up in our vendor section with your own subforum. You’ll have moderator powers in there, so you can edit, stick, and delete posts.
            I’ll let you know when it’s active. I haven’t set up any new subforums with this new software yet!

            The only requirement for being a vendor here is to treat our members with respect. Sell what you advertise, stand behind your products, and don’t take anyone’s money without fulfilling your end of the bargain.


              Thank you gents. I appreciate the kind comments.

              And yes, FFC is FatFourCustoms. We've been around since 2008, officially since 2015 (at least that's what my business license says!), and been solo amigo running this puppy since 2019. Yep, one man shop here! Yes, we started with CDs, because that is what we had, but I am here to help the Accord chassis as best I can. And (hopefully) my man customers will tell you that I treat everyone with kindness and fairness. I am small, and have big dreams, but one customer at a time is the way to build it. So if you ever have an issue with me, or anything you have purchased, feel free to let me know! I do my best to offer the best service, as well as quality, tested products that everyone will enjoy. If you EVER find me doing the contrary, feel free to point it out to me!! haha. That's not how I prefer to conduct business.

              I am saddened to hear about your previous two vendors, I know it is hard for some businesses right now, so I try to keep things tight and within my span of control - makes for less things to go awry.

              And no rush on my part for the subforum! I am a patient guy, so just let me know. And anything you guys need, just let me know! And if you need a donation to the forum, I am happy to pitch in.


                Any chance you'll make CB7 rear extended rear top hats? ( holding me back from ordering the fronts) Any plans for any other CB7 parts?


                  you know, that is something i want to have an educated discussion about. in all my years modding, i have never seen a need for them since the rears have such a long tophat to begin with, and the rear is usually not an issue when it comes to ride quality, but i am all ears! let's get the subforum going and this can be topic number one. i'm quite interested to hear everyone's thoughts.


                    Jason, Glad you found your way over here. Still loving all the products I have purchased from you. The Solid bushings for the cables on the trans side really make the shifting feel nice and crisp. Looking forward to seeing some more future products from you. I will most likely be placing an order for the radiator support brackets in the near future.
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                      Originally posted by iakona View Post
                      you know, that is something i want to have an educated discussion about. in all my years modding, i have never seen a need for them since the rears have such a long tophat to begin with, and the rear is usually not an issue when it comes to ride quality, but i am all ears! let's get the subforum going and this can be topic number one. i'm quite interested to hear everyone's thoughts.
                      Sounds good. I think it's more about equal spring travel on all 4 as I'm lowered on Tein adjustables. Folks are using FFC in the front and another manufacture for the rear. Be nice to have both. And I too love my other products.
                      Not sure if any others are interested in a front+rear top hat purchase.


                        see, now i've never heard that take on it before, so that makes sense. with the rears it has always just been a "keep the tail off the ground" issue. i'm all about it. i have a few other things on the table right now, but once i get through a few of those, i'll get this one rolling.


                          Originally posted by iakona View Post

                          Hey what's your brake setup while retaining 4 lug?


                            It is a ROH front hub conversion, then some rotors from a company in Taiwan from probably 2002. VTTR. It is essentially a rebranded Endless front kit. The rotors are a 2 piece floater with just a 4x114 center plate.

                            I can duplicate this setup at like 1/2 the price of what I paid for these with some RL calipers, Wilwood rotors, my brackets, and a set of front hubs. hahaha. Amazing what time and technology can do once they've caught up with one's vision. The current wheel setup is the same way - resources and available technology have FINALLY allowed me to run what I have always wanted to!