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Le Bucheron: Ride

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    what sort of power is she putting out? looks pretty good, the front bumper is interesting?? keep us updated


      It's your car man, don't let everybody else tell you what's cool. Personally I don't like the front bumper, but you've done an excellent job modding it to fit on your car. Great work! My only question is what happened to the paint on your exhaust manifold? Was it not cured properly, or is it just not high temp paint?

      And I'd bet that thing is loud as hell at wide open throttle!
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        Props to you for not jumping on a bandwagon.
        I dont care for the styling myself, but I respect that you do your own thing and dont jump on what the latest honda trends are.
        The turbo setup is pretty cool too btw.
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          nice job
          that bumper has potential
          if you make it so it doesnt flare out at the bottom and match the wheel wells it would look real good

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            I wont say anything about the front, seeing as how ur not finished. I will say that the exhaust is fuckin HOT! have u done anything to the back to eliminate the exhaust outlet?

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            Originally posted by Makaveli2k
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              man i'm diggin that interior setup cant wait to see that finished, and actually i too see alot of potential out of that bumper, and i think it look good, everyone else needs to keep in mind that you are doing wide body........ good work man


                meh the turbo set up and such. but the exterior aint my style. good luck.
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                  Originally posted by Bongo
                  Gotta give you credit for creativity...but also gotta be honest, that front bumper is unbearably ugly and the exhaust looks pretty goofy. Definately different though.
                  X2.... That isn't a bumper I would put on mine.

                  I totally recognize the "Montreal Type Old Car" with the rust near the wheels. Get rid of them :P
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                      OMG dude i love the color. what color is that? thats the color ive been thinking about having on my car.

                      just get rid of the rims. lol. but if thats your cup of tea then keep them man


                        It's a real cheap Flat black paint (corrostop) It's not my real paint job (coming soon)


                          Originally posted by Le_Bucheron View Post
                          It's a real cheap Flat black paint (corrostop) It's not my real paint job (coming soon)

                          well hey, it looks good you dyno it yet?


                            glad your not my neighbor LOL. good luck with your project boy!!!


                              rims not look good


                                Yep, I definitely give him 2 HUGE for creativity. I too love the color. This guy seems to know his shit, great work, can't wait to see it finished. Or more updated pics