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Nicesest '93 I've ever seen pics of

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    Nicesest '93 I've ever seen pics of

    Wow... I was looking through autotrader and found this gem of a '93 coupe. Flawless. Beautiful. Stock. Leather. Champange Interior. Oh, and they want $6,000 for it. I wish I had the money... It's like like it came to 2007 via some sort of time warp. I have no idea how in the world it still looks like it does. And how the hell does it only have 80k miles? Who owned this thing? Please someone from the forum buy this. It deserves a loving owner like one of us.

    This thing should be in a museum.
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    holy moly that IS clean. I want.

    Originally posted by kc8enb07
    does it come w/ jdm trash? they better throw away gold in it


      wow that looks like it's straight out of a dealership as a brand new car
      Originally posted by deevergote
      I'd eat a baby for free. I'm hungry, dammit!


        Yea this place is in South Florida. You should look at there website with the other cars that they have. It seems like everything looks brand new even if it's over 12 years old.


          I don't know how anybody could ever stomach moding a car like that if they were to buy it. I'd probably just keep it stock because it looks so nice.


            this has been posted before...

            theyve been trying to sell that for at least 6 months that i know of...

            i think no one has bit yet because 6k for a 93 is a lot of money, even tho its in prestine condition it would take a true enthusiast to pay 6k for that and not a lot of us have that kind of money lol which is why we are rocking 15 year old cars.


              they want 6gs means u can get it for 5. i had no idea they made SE's in a coupe version. that car is truly beautiful.

              TYPE R Big Build thread 25,000+ VIEWS!!!
              I feel like BIG MEECH! LARRY HOOVER! whippin work! haileliuah one nation under god. REAL naggas gettin money from the freakin START!


                I like the car as well but 6000 is a high starting point

                You will eventually have to deal with the same problems as any other 14 yo vehicle ie timing belt, has it been changed? Is it dryrotted? What's rusted. How often was the oil changed, tranny service up to date? My thing is this. With cars that don't get driven often some people may not feel the need to do as much routine maintenance such as changing the fluids, belts, etc under the impression that it isn't driven daily so that stuff can't possibly be bad. Wrong. A car is a machine and machines need to be used regulary as a part of maintaining them. This helps keep the many moving parts functioning properly. If it were something less common maybe I could justify the price but I'd rather spend $2k on a cb7 with a little more miles and put the other $4k building it up myself. With that being said, that interior sure looks good

                Just my $0.02.
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                  thats a good pre-photo-shoot cleaning job

                  check out the vacuum tracks


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                    repost.... it was on ebay several months ago


                      Originally posted by StoobyMcDooby
                      repost.... it was on ebay several months ago
                      and several different times... I saw it and watched it just becuse they were asking 6k for a 93... SUPER CLEAN but good luck getting 6k for it.. Later


                        Originally posted by Ralphie
                        i think no one has bit yet because 6k for a 93 is a lot of money, even tho its in prestine condition it would take a true enthusiast to pay 6k for that and not a lot of us have that kind of money lol which is why we are rocking 15 year old cars.
                        People sell these cars for that much here. The worst part is people actually pay.


                          Yup it's mint

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                            its an auto

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                            Originally posted by deevergote.
                            But Honda guys know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING! If you don't believe that, then you're just wrong...


                              clean but the first thing i would do is prime it flat grey! lmao.... j/k

                              clean ass car!