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Read the rules:

Myself, and the other mods have been very nice and lenient with the rules. We have been deleting threads, and giving out warnings. Some members didn't get the clue and re-posted over and over... Now ANY member buying or selling in this section will be banned... No IF's AND's or BUT's.
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Beginner Forum Rules - EVERYBODY read! (old and new members alike!)

Beginners start here. Once you have 30 worthwhile posts (off topic doesn't count) you may post outside of the Beginner forums. Any "whoring" (posting simply to raise your post count) will return your count to 0, or result in a ban.

These are the rules. Read them. Live by them.

1) Absolutely NO flaming! "Flaming" is an outright attack on a member. ALL questions are encouraged to be asked here, no matter how basic. Members with over 30 posts will be subject to a ONE WEEK ban if caught flaming in this forum (and yes, moderators can read deleted posts). Members with under 30 posts will be subject to a ONE DAY ban.

2) Use appropriate language. Racial or sexual slurs will not be tolerated. A ban will be issued at the discretion of the staff.

3) No items may be sold in the Beginner forums. Any "for sale" threads will be deleted.

4) Temporarily banned members will be PERMANTLY banned if they are found posting on another account.

The rules can and will be added to. Any updates will be marked in the title.

The rules for the overall forum can be found here:
Read them. You will be expected to follow them.
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How to add someone to your ignore list.

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    How to add someone to your ignore list.

    If there is a member posting, that you don't feel contributes anything useful, and you would like to add them to your ignore list, simply follow the following procedure.

    Originally posted by Father Time
    1) Go to your user Control Panel on the main bar at the top of the screen.

    2) From the menu on the left, select "Edit Ignore List."

    3) In the box on the screen, you type the screen name of the person you want to ignore. If you don't know the exact screen name, the drop down list will filter the names as you type in letters, so you can select that if you see it.

    4) Once the screen name you want has filled the box, click the "OKAY" button next to the name. You will see the name appear in the top frame with a green arrow next to it. As long as the name is in that frame, with the box checked, that user is now on your ignore list.

    5) Click save to the right side of your ignore list, and then continue about your business as usual. You will no longer see posts from this user, unless you specifically click on them in a thread.
    Thanks for the pics Father Time.
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    The OFFICIAL how to add me to your ignore list thread!

    good info. theres been alot of non contributive post

    wonder if i can ignore myself?

    Yes my name is Dang, Don't use in vain
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      I just prefer skimming but I can see how some people would like this.
      Click for my ride thread.


        Originally posted by ilovemycb7 View Post

        I just prefer skimming but I can see how some people would like this.
        That is a feasible option, but if you feel that the person just isn't worth reading, then ignoring them is also very convenient.
        The OFFICIAL how to add me to your ignore list thread!


          Originally posted by owequitit View Post

          Thanks for the pics Father Time.
          Not a problem
          3 CB's gone....
          1 WK Overland....

          Still miss the CB though......maybe one day.