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Counterfit: Neuspeed front strut bar! on ebay

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    Counterfit: Neuspeed front strut bar! on ebay

    hey i was just looking for strut bar on ebay

    and look what i found

    the question is how good is the quality of that metal and the welding

    just want to share what i found

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    How is that a counterfeit? I don't see Neuspeed's named mentioned anywhere.
    Originally posted by chessboxer
    We know these are good cars, but for some reason, all the world wants are freaking civics and tegs. Bleck.
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      ok i mean replica


        try it out and you tell us


          I never heard of Sprint Performance Suspension before

          their website is down.

          Apparently they are popular with lower spring and they are made in the good old USA.

          $50 or not spending $50


            i bought one. I'll just bring my own lunch to work for the next 5 days
            I'll keep you guy posted

            from my research

            Momo and Sprint make the same neuspeed strut bar

            they are the same replica

            I guess the company went under

            i'm guessing Sprint were popular in the import scene back in late 90s to early 2000s


              Sprint springs were very popular at one time.


                That seems to happen often. I know Cusco and I believe just name a few...took over products from other companies.

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                  Not bad on the price, buy it and tell us how it feels

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                  91 cb9 wagon


                    I'm pretty sure it's gonna bend and/or crack.

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                      Sprint was a moderately reputable company from what I remember, they didnt hold the prominence of big names so if they are gone then thats most liekly due to the economy. If I have $50 to blow right now I would be all over this but my CB needs an alignment THIS WEEK

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                        i'll let you guy know

                        i don't think they are bad quality because Sprint is a reputable company. Integra people use them also.

                        as long the tubing is not hollow i'm good


                          If it's legit, I'd buy one.

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                          Originally posted by mercyboy
                          I'd rather lose by a mile because I built my own car then win by an inch because someone else built it for me..your car is your story, so don't let someone else write the book!


                            The Neuspeed bar is hollow...

                            And Neuspeed still sells them.
                            Originally posted by Junior Smurff
                            Nevermind guys, google search works wonders!

                            I don't have road rage, my car just goes faster than yours!

                            Accords are for winners. And Grandmothers. But mostly winners.

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                              Originally posted by 4GAccordH22 View Post
                              The Neuspeed bar is hollow...

                              And Neuspeed still sells them.
                              and now i understand what they mean by solid

                              "The Neuspeed bar is a "Twin tube, solid mount design." This means that bar is one solid piece, but since they use steel tubing, it's hollow. Having the bar hollow makes the bar significantly lighter. The reason it's referred to as a solid bar is because it is all one piece. Most other manufacturers' bars consist of two brackets which the bar is then mounted on to. The two bracket design isn't as effective because the bar still allows flexing where it bolts to the brackets. That is the reason most cars that come stock with a strut bar use a one-piece design. The one-piece Neuspeed design doesn't allow any flexing because it is one solid bar, not using any brackets. Hope that helps explain it. " - Source: