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Whats the age of us Cb7 owners and what do we do for a living?

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    Whats the age of us Cb7 owners and what do we do for a living?

    Whats the age of us cb7 owners and what do we do for a living? i know many on here are in the automotive trades and many not. I've seen threads like this on other sites for other cars but not this one and its sometimes interesting.

    I'm 29 and am mechanically inclined but not so much automotively yet. I'm working on it but i'm a plumbing apprentice in my last year. I would like to take an automotive course or two though.


      I'm 29, and currently unemployed but worked at the Honda dealership as a quick lube technician 3 years ago.
      1997 Ford Explorer V-6 AT (what a piece of junk)
      1993 Nissan Sentra M/T (front end damage, off road for now)
      1999 Mercury Mountaineer V-8 A/T - RIP (rolled: totaled)
      1992 Honda Accord A/T EX - RIP (transmission shot: sold to junkyard)


        I am 20 and work maintenance at the golf course up the road from me.
 MRT EF hatch build


          I dont drive a cb I used to 29 I work for the government cant really say too much.


            Older than you all and younger spirited. I'm 56. I own a wagon and a coupe. Gave the coupe to son to drive. Got a part-time job at Magic Mountain. I'm also one of the founders/administrators of with ThePhantom. Mostly I wipe out spammer accounts.

            Old wagon - Silver '92 LX Wagon - Steve (Shadow)- STOLEN ON LABOR DAY 2012
            New wagon- White '92 LX Wagon on 1/3/13 (Frostbite)

            2000 EX Coupe - Joe -

            My Facebook Site - ACCORDOBSESSION


              Im 25 and a stay at home dad at the moment. I was born and raised into the auto world. I a real jack of all trades too. Theres not much that I cant do with my hands.


                i'm 30, unemployed but in school for health care administration. I used to work as a receiving clerk at a grocery store but i was forcibly offered a severance package one day.


                  im 16 and i go to school



                    25 UNEMPLOYED recently graduated to be a hvac techniciaN hard trying to get into field with out experience

                    New & Improved 93 Accord EX Coupe

                    what makes a man a man?

                    Originally posted by ric3rboi23
                    disrespect females, acquire currency.


                      23, Work as a Mechanical Engineer at Manning Applied Technology while in school. Work at Chrysler in MI as an Abarth/SRT Vehicle Integration and Validation Engineer during the summer. Full time student at the University of Idaho.
                      '93 H22A 5SPD SE - MRT - DIY-Turbo Sizing - Chassis Dynamics Data


                        Originally posted by Juice21 View Post
                        25 UNEMPLOYED recently graduated to be a hvac techniciaN hard trying to get into field with out experience
                        I did the same thing. Went to school, got my HVAC ticket and nobody would hire me.

                        Back on topic, I'm 26 and I currently work as a detailer at a Mitsubishi dealership.

                        Like Nightmare, I'm a bit of a jack of all trades too. I have my commercial driver's licence, I've been a railway conductor, auto sales, HVAC tech, painter/fabricator and built Chrysler seats for 4 years.

                        Definetly not living an extravagant lifestyle by any means. Not exactly where I expected to be by now, and I'm just scraping by as it is, but the most important thing is that I'm happy with what I do, and that's what makes going to work worth it.


                          Originally posted by crazymikey View Post
                          r and built Chrysler seats.
                          Haha me too! My project last summer was designing a seat for the new Abarth that would be good in a track car.
                          '93 H22A 5SPD SE - MRT - DIY-Turbo Sizing - Chassis Dynamics Data


                            From 2005-2009 I built Chrysler 300/Dodge Charger/Magnum/Challenger/SRT8 seats. That was an awesome job. Wish I still had it actually. I got laid off from there 3 times and finally in '09 when Chrysler declared bankruptcy and temporarily shut down, I packed up and moved to Alberta.


                              I love how you sit "in" them instead of "on" them. They softened up for the 2011+ because execs thought they were to harsh. Funny because it's a seat in a race car...
                              '93 H22A 5SPD SE - MRT - DIY-Turbo Sizing - Chassis Dynamics Data