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Cutting tool

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    Cutting tool

    What is the best tool to buy to cut metal like for a car

    Well typically I'd be at a loss to answer your question, but because you included a senseless and unrelated picture I now have the clarity to answer you a little better.

    Would you mind being a little more, like, specific? What metal are you, like, talking about?
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        Originally posted by deevergote View Post
        BAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! literally, LOL'd my ol lady is looking at me like im retarded.
        GATORS GONNA GATE - - im also here:


          That is wicked funny For me, 4.5" angle grinder for large jobs, dremel w/ reinforced cutting wheel for smaller/more detailed jobs.


            Plasma, plasma table, port-a-band, body saw, air sheers, sawzall, dremeland a grinder. That's what's in my cutting arsonl. I cut a lot of shit


              Thanks man for that didn't go in to detail but just a idea of what ill need


                You do realize that this thread, and that oversized picture of your your unimpressive engine bay, are absolutely pointless, right?


                  I like how the op still doesn't clarify.

                  frickin' sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!..... Cooooool. [pinkie]

                  C-3PO's MRT USDM yo!

                  then i see my baby, suddenly I'm not crazy,
                  It all makes sense when i look into her eyes