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bunkaccord, the intro

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    Other than when my balljoint broke and the car slid to a stop, nope, no issues with clearance


      Welcome back sir!


        Back from the dead! I just hit my 30 posts, so I'll try to get the H2b write up done for anyone interested. My car has been fully operational h2b since April, and logged over 4,000 miles commuting, 0 issues.
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          Looking forward to the writeup. The B series transmissions have been off limits for so long, it'll be nice to see how they can be used. That will offer a ton of additional options not previously considered!


            I am seriously looking forward to seeing your H2B setup, great work as usual


              Rear mounts work quite well when you do it properly. I saw a commodore that had just had a turbo welded just before the muffler and some crappy hap hazard setup. That sucked.

              Good rear mounts are great.

              A good setup can be better than standard turbo setups and gets it to ultimate sleeper spec.
              sold! But here's my build thread for those interested.




                Thanks for sticking it out, and look forward to seeing you in the technical and DIY sections, as well as the MRT section (hint, hint).
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                F20A_CB7, I miss you, but I will see you one day.
                "Nothing a little prayer can't fix."

                Selling on Ebay!

                15.10 @ 90.42mph
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                  I am a noob when it comes to turbos, what is the benefit of running a rear turbo instead of up under the hood?


                    You don't have to deal with a cramped engine bay, for one. You don't have to worry about getting a proper exhaust manifold. Plus, it's unique... which makes it cool, until it becomes popular.

                    It's not a common thing to do. This car is the only CB I've ever seen with such a setup, honestly.


                      Thats pretty cool it would be a cool project to do over a summer with my boy, may have to look into it. Pretty cool to keep Power Steering and AC and still look stock under the hood. Wonder if you could do the turbo before the cat? or maybe closer to the front without it being in the way at all? I think i found my project, lol my son has been wanting to do something with my wagon and i think this will be a good chance for him to learn to wld and build something with his hands... Is the OP still on here? would be cool to talk to him some and get some info?


                        He comes and goes. He was trying to sell the car recently, but hopefully he's reconsidered.


                          Damn that sucks well i guess its time to get to the drawing board and figure out how to make this happen like did


                            I believe he swapped to an F20B or something as well, the last time I saw his car...

                            I wouldn't mind trying a rear-mount turbo setup on a beater, just for fun. I've actually been trying to think of how cheap it could be done.


                              could be pretty cheap if you get a junk yard turbo off a powestroke or duramax and just some pipe and just put it together on a budget $500-800??? idk what is all involved in this setup but im thinking about doing it on the wagon


                                I drive by his house sometimes. I ought to stop by and meet him. The car is very clean.