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Back after 15 years

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    Back after 15 years

    Hey y'all,

    I used to read this site religiously when I bought my first car, a 1990 5spd in charcoal. I wrecked it, sadly, and bought another in purple/red that was not as good. Switched to 240's in the early 2000's and still have one as a loong term project, but I daily a Subaru, which isn't the smartest. Got a bit nostalgic and wondered where the CB7 game was at and if I could find one that wasn't rusty for a decent price. I used auto tempest to search and only found 5 for sale in the US, mostly in CA (I live in the Midwest). I'm not opposed to driving/flying to get a good one, but I wonder how the aftermarket is now- are parts available, and are they expensive? Is the forum still alive and is anyone still interested in these cars?

    Hey... No, Yes, No, Nah

    Still great cars, but want a cool lip, nope. JDM headlights, good luck. Carbon fiber hood...eee maybe. Parts are rare, a dying breed which can be good too. Same situation as the 240SX isn't it


      Except at least some cb7s still show up in the yard vs never finding any 240sx in the yard.
      FSAE (F Series Accord Enthusiasts) ..."A dying breed thats taking it to the next level" Lucky #13
      MR Thread:


        The CB aftermarket is hanging on. Not as strong as it once was, but it’s not dead. You can still build a pretty impressive car with brand new quality parts. Especially if you’re willing to swap in a newer K series engine. I still prefer the H22 (which is getting harder to find), but the K series is amazing.

        I do miss the days where a trip to the junkyard almost always yielded at least 2-3 CB7s, a DSM or two, and a few EG Civics. I never found any cool JDM parts, but there were always cars to pick clean. Now, not so much. I’m lucky to find a CG around here anymore!


          Finding parts in southwest Oklahoma may be an issue but the good news is my wife and I go to D/FW often enough and they have many many many import yards over in Grand Prairie and Arlington so should be able to scavenge all sorts of goodies while there. Well, that is, *IF* I remember to bring my tools in her truck since she'll insist on having her Explorer with her when we go. The yards here in Lawton crush out anything more than 15 years old, even the Ford/GM/Chrysler yards don't have much from the last century except for gobs of pickups.