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New CB7 owner!

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    New CB7 owner!

    Hi all! I bought my 1992 EX cb7 with a f22a6 about 9 months ago. I was drinking one night and found myself on eBay... Happened to find this gem. A Florida car, transported to northern Vermont near the Canadian family owned...with every single service record since new...I couldn't pass it up! she had 224k when I bought her and now has 231k. I bought it as a beater-commuter as I drive over 200 highway miles/week for work, but ive simply fell in love with the vehicle. Its comfort, simplicity and pure retro throwback feeling makes me want to put some money into it. Figured I'd join the forum and get some idea's and feedback on what to do with it. Ive fixed some things on it, new radiator, oil cooler gasket, there is a small ANNOYING oil leak which what I suspect is the rear main.. Its literally 2 drops a day. I have to add no oil to it.

    I have a lead on a f22a6 replacement at a junkyard I may go check out soon and start tearing down. Im not interested in anything crazy like a turbo, but id like to do a manual transmission swap.

    Anyways, here she is.

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    Welcome aboard!!! This looks like it is in pretty good condition.


      Welcome to the forum! Looks like its in great condition.
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        Thanks! It was throwing 3 codes, cleared 2 of them. The EGR passages need to be cleaned. I did replace the EGR valve and cleaned the carbon at the top, but sometimes the idle is rough and slow to start from a stop when I hit the gas. How much of a pain is it to clean the passages? I have to drill out the plugs and replace them on this engine?


          Why do you want to replace the engine if the only problem is a rear main seal leak? If an EX, it should already have the F22A6 engine. 224k is still fairly young for the F22 if well maintained.

          For the EGR passages, I would try to drill small hole in the plugs, install a screw, then try to pull them out. If you drill all the way through, you risk having shavings drop into the manifold. I have put a small hose on my shop vacuum, stuffed in the EGR valve port, then drilled the closest plug so the vacuum would pull anything that dropped in. When drilling the second plug, put the vacuum hose over the first hole and block the EGR valve port. Move down the line doing this to drill all the plugs. I also probably spray carb or brake cleaner into each hole after drilling with the vacuum on. There is a large plug on the driver side of the manifold that can't be done with the manifold in the car. I did mine when I swapped an A6 in place of my A1 at 331k. If you get a spare set of runners, you can clean it up real well then swap it onto your engine and clean up the rest of the intake system while you're at it.

          Honda still sells steel plugs for the small holes on top. I used a threaded plug on the side passage.
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          Come and get it.


            Congrats. Black on tan is the best looking color combo IMO.