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Need help with my cb7

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    Need help with my cb7

    Hello all, trying to get this old cb7 ready to be a daily driver again.
    However the problem is it doesn’t want to start.
    i have fuel, main relay clicks and fuel pump buzzes when in on position.
    I’m getting spark from each plug
    and I don’t have any leaks from the intake to the throttle body
    I replaced my ecu
    I replaced the igniter cause it was cracked

    I took a video of what it sounds like but I’m having problems uploading it
    when it starts it runs great. This problem seems to be intermittent

    this would get more response in the beginner technical forum. I don't have any good suggestion for your issue.
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      Make sure you are getting fuel to the fuel rail when it won't start.


        Are you spark plug wires in the right order?


        Missed the runs great when it starts.

        Have you replaced the fuel filter any time recently? Honestly you may still have an original Honda OEM fuel filter on there, that is like 95% clogged up. Testing the fuel pressure at the rail would be the best way to tell, should be 43 psi.

        My wagon had a mostly plugged fuel filter, and it would randomly get fuel starved and just die on me randomly on the highway. I'd just turn the key off, then back on let the fuel pump prime a few times, and she would fire right back up. After swapping the fuel filter for a new one, this hasn't happened again. The fuel coming out of that fuel filter was straight black.
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