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I dont know whats wrong with my car

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    I dont know whats wrong with my car

    well i got a question for all yall honda owners....i got a 91 honda ex..and well all of a sudden when i was driving it just died... then i tryd to turn it on and it would turn but it never started...i changed the distributor cap, new ignition coil, rotor, new spark plugs...and it still wouldnt start...what do yall think it could possibly be???

    Do know for a fact that it's getting gas?


      i believe so??? cuz we even put throttle body cleaner to help it start and it still wouldn't start...


        you just don't start replacing parts unless you know for fact that that's your problem?
        did you check your fuel?
        main relay?

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          well i think it was a good thing that i changed it cuz the ignition coil had a crack in it....and well when i changed that it started....can u tell me where exactly the distributor cables go in what order??? so i can check that...and well ive asked and they said it might be the timing belt......wheres the main rely????




              The main relay is located under the dash on the driver's side. you have to remove the cruise control unit to get to the main relay. That just might be your problem. I would check/replace that first before I go on to other things.


                this happened to me as well. my timing belt snapped.


                  What about the ignitor?I made a LOT of search around this site and this issue came out a few time when there is a no start situation.

                  Here is a diy for the main relay removal and repair:


                  here's another one:


                  If the main relay isen't your problem,here is a trobleshooting page that helped me a lot:


                  Hope this helps!


                    Originally posted by MR.PHIL View Post
                    you just don't start replacing parts unless you know for fact that that's your problem?
                    did you check your fuel?
                    main relay?
                    i agree with that
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                      First check whether or not you have spark. If you have no spark then the ignitor isn't unlikely as a cause (they are known to fail commonly with higher mileage engines). Note that ignitors can be damaged by ignition leads that have higher than spec resistance, and all leads become more resistant with age. Get them checked by an auto-electrician.
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                        Easy test to see if your timing belt snapped, take the distributor cap off, then either you or a friend crank the engine over while the other watches to see if the rotor on the distributor spins.


                          why dont you start by pulling codes


                            i dont think that it snapped cuz thr rotor turns...but could it be that the timing belt wore out??? could that be it or would it be more the main relay???


                              holy shit this is such a noob thread.

                              here we go:

                              1:dont replace ANYTHING yet...(oops too late. you already screwed that part up) proceed to step 2.

                              now, assuming you know how:

                              2:check for spark.

                              3:check for fuel.

                              do that ^^^ and report back.

                              dont guess.... find out for sure.
                              do it the proper way and you could save yourself a LOT of money.

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