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93 Accord race car Build/Questions thread

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    Hey, this hit me tonight as I was driving home.

    It was dark, and I realized it will be for part of your race.

    Now the stock headlights are not that bad, but make sure they ARE NOT EBAY. If they are get some OEM from a junk yard. The output of the EBAY ones are awefull, you will have to drive slow just so you don't outrun your headlights.

    201 Whp H22a with bolt ons, see the progress from stock f22a to now HERE


      i vote light bar and rally lights.
      I <3 G60.

      0.5mm Oversized Stainless valves and bronze guides available. Pm me please.


        Originally posted by wed3k View Post
        i vote light bar and rally lights.


          Originally posted by wed3k View Post
          i vote light bar and rally lights.
          That would be beast as sh*t.!
          Call me Travis.
          2006 Cobalt LS/SC ~ "Burt the Bloody Bumble Bee"
          1992 Accord LX ~ "Smoothie"
          1991 CRX Si ~ Hellion
          1989 GMC S15 ~ Oldie


            Luckily for us, the don't actually race for 24 hours in the dark, so at the track I will be removing all lights and everything.

            Good idea about the bumper, I will pull it off and see about gutting it too. I wanted to move the battery to the rear, but we would have to have a separate vented racing batterybox and a lot of 4 gauge wire and move the cut off switch and there's just not time at this point

            The schedule is:

            Saturday, 4 December 2010
            7:30am: Gates Open
            8:30am: Mandatory Drivers' Meeting

            9am: Lil'Mons PowerWheels Race*

            10am: Race Session I Start
            Sundown: Race Session I End

            Sunday, 5 December 2010
            8:30am: Mandatory Drivers' Meeting
            9am: Race Session II Start
            Noon: People's Curse
            4:30pm: Race Session II End

            5pm: Awards Ceremony
            7pm: Gates Close

            The people's curse is where all the racers vote on a car/team they don't like, or is driving like jerk-offs or is blatantly cheating, and the "winner" who gets the most votes gets their car crushed by a bulldozer!

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              My teammates took it for a track day yesterday and they say after 2 sessions they came in and the car was smoking.

              They think the head gasket is blown, but I think it's just an oil leak at the back of the block. It's not smoking out of the tail pipe at all and the plugs look perfect--not steam cleaned and not oily. There is no bubbling in the coolant and no mixing of coolant or oil.

              It's possible the head gasket is leaking out of the back I suppose, but is there a sensor or something like that that commonly leaks? Maybe distributor seal?

              I'm going to go out there right now and spray the engine down with gunk engine cleaner and see if I can pin point the leak.



                Im sorry i can't help you with your question, but i wanted to show my support for you guys. I think this is awesome! I hope you guys do well and do all our CB's proud!

                Do you worry/care about the curse? How well is it handling? Are you gonna film the event(what you can anyways) take pics or blog it?

                As you can tell im quite interested in this and i hope you keep us all posted.

                Goodluck fixing the smoking problem and goodluck on race day!!!



                  oil pressure sender, oil cooler o ring if equipped.
                  I <3 G60.

                  0.5mm Oversized Stainless valves and bronze guides available. Pm me please.


                    Just wanted to say that car looks ridiculous (in a good way). I'd love to drive it on the street.
                    Hope you get the problem solved and keep racing it!


                      Thanks for the support guys!

                      Good news:

                      [upper right]

                      I guess when I did the timing belt and set the valve lash, the gasket got folded under on reinstallation and I didn't notice.

                      I feel like a retard


                        Oh well, nothing too serious. re-install and go for another round of testing! only this time take a pic!



                          Lots of progress today..

                          I went to the Honda junkyard in Otay Mesa (a few miles north of Tijuana--where the best junkyards are) and scored a rear swaybar and an oil cooler from an EX Accord for $60.

                          My friend came down and we installed the swaybar, cut 2.5 coils off of the rear springs and 2 coils off of the front (this was a bitch job on the front and the spring compressors popped off twice when loosening them. dangerous). We also hollowed the cat, fabbed up an exhaust.. it's just the resonator and exits out of the side right after. It's way too loud. I'll weld up a cherry bomb muffler tomorrow.

                          The rear sway bar was a bit of a pain because you guys neglected to tell me that our LX Accord is missing the swaybar mounting bracket points needed for the rear bar! So we had to weld up the middle brackets right to the crossmember. It went really well, just took some time.

                          Driving impressions with the new rear bar, lower springs and new 15" wheels and 195/50-15 Dunlop Direzza tires: Totally awesome

                          I took the car up the freeway a few exits and drove round and came back and it handles like a car I'm taking to the track should. No longer is it downright frightening to toss into corners with bouncing around and insane pushing from the front. The suspension is a lot tighter and is willing to rotate and just feels confidence inspiring. Two thumbs up.

                          So my plans for the next 2 days:

                          Weld on muffler
                          Install EX oil cooler using heater hose lines
                          Mod gas pedal for better heel-toe
                          Fab bracket for rear view mirror so it works better
                          Fab up a dead pedal

                          After that we're racing next weekend!

                          welding up brackets:



                            Today I added the EX oil cooler and bumped up timing 2 degrees from stock to 17-18 BTDC

                            The oil cooler was a pain trying to run the heater core lines to the cooler, but moreso it was tough removing the stock oil filter threaded stud mount from the block.

                            Luckily I had some old VW axle nuts that threaded on the filter mount stud that I was able to double-nut and pull the stud out. Then I was able to thread the oil cooler + longer stud into the block.

                            My hands have about 5 new cuts on them


                              the wheels are actually 15's from craigslist from a Nissan. But the centerbore is larger than honda's so they fit fine and everything works out

                              edit: if we had left the stock paint, I would rock this stance everyday to work


                                Nice work dude! Looks like you're really on it! Good to see you're making progress, hope the other modifications treat you better than these did!

                                Wish you the best of luck on race day