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93 Accord race car Build/Questions thread

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    sweetness I love people that arent afraid to weld right next to the gas tank!

    good luck guys!
    MadLab Racing
    Southern Maryland


      This is awesome! Cant wait to see more!

      1992 Honda Accord Coupe LX


        after the lemons race, you should bring it to the circle dirt track races! they also have the 500 dollar buy it if you win though,
        I <3 G60.

        0.5mm Oversized Stainless valves and bronze guides available. Pm me please.


          Originally posted by wed3k View Post
          after the lemons race, you should bring it to the circle dirt track races! they also have the 500 dollar buy it if you win though,
          Hey that's a good idea, I never thought of that one! Gotta check out some local tracks


            look for a white 90 civic, my shop did some work on that thing. good luck.
            I <3 G60.

            0.5mm Oversized Stainless valves and bronze guides available. Pm me please.



              We came in 51st place out of 175, car finished, almost no problems, what a super fucking fun weekend A++++ WILL RACE AGAIN

              More images/vid later


                Wow not bad at all...
                Accord Of The Month January 09
                Accord Of The Year 09

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                  hellllzzz yea awesome job bro....not bad at all..looking really race car


                    Originally posted by aventari View Post
                    I will check with teammates on how they feel about p/s.

                    It probably would be useful to alleviate driver fatigue. The driver sessions will be pretty grueling
                    WOW ROGER THE 24 HR LEMANS!!! its in the car and driver magazine.!!! 51st is a pretty good place! i autox and i knew thes accords had potential when i drove my buddies. then i bought mine. GREAT JOB!!!!
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                      Very nice man!!!!

                      CB7Tuner Resident Gamer!
                      PSN: JDMcb7TX


                        Very nice. Glad it was a blast!



                          God damn that looks like a ton of fun

                          Next yr... Prelude? Lot of the big parts switch over and its a good 200lb lighter

                          Originally posted by lordoja
                          im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral


                            good stuff man, did you see a 90-91 white civic? it got around 40th with a 17 lap penalty. guy wants me to drive it next, lol.
                            I <3 G60.

                            0.5mm Oversized Stainless valves and bronze guides available. Pm me please.


                              ================================================== =========
                              ANCIENT THREAD: RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE
                              ================================================== =========

                              Hey all, I'm back! I'm sure nobody remembers me but I'll pretend you do
                              Here's the quick synopsis of what happened after the last race way back in 2010:

                              My friend and I stopped racing with the guys who owned the car and went off to build our own car. I ended up building and tracking a BMW E30 track car for a while, and my CB7 teammates kept racing the Accord for a few years, I think they did 5 or 6 races.

                              The car got smashed up pretty good and eventually they stopped racing it and ran out of room to store the thing. They called me and asked if I wanted to buy it for $1500 last summer. I said ok and drove down to pick it up.

                              It hadn't been started in over a year, but I brought a battery, we dumped so gas in the tank and it started up! The idle was bouncing from 3000 rpm to 600 and back again but it ran.
                              We put it on the trailer and brought it home and now I'm going to fix it up and race again!

                              The plan is to hit up a track day at Streets of Willow Springs on Feb 7th to shake the car down, and then race it at Buttonwillow 24 Hours of Lemons in June:
                              The main things I need to do are to update the roll cage for the new safety rules, replace all the worn out suspension components, and fix the smashed up body.

                              I'll keep the thread updated with progress.

                              So far in the past 2 weeks I've:
                              • New battery Optima red top
                              • Coolant bypassed throttle body and IACV
                              • Removed FITV valve, made block off plate <- fixed idle surge
                              • Removed ABV air boost valve, made block off plate
                              • Flushed cooling system with water and radiator flush.. straight water has been sitting in the cooling system for years... not good.
                              • oil + filter change 15w50 Mobil 1
                              • rebuilt front calipers R+L
                              • new rear wheel cylinders R+L
                              • New brake shoes - some kind of racing compound that came with the car
                              • Bled brakes - Castrol GTLMA
                              • Adjusted rear brakes so drums just drag at 1 click
                              • New left rear hub+wheel bearing
                              • New left rear drum
                              • rear sway bushings 14mm poly $13 from ebay woot
                              • L+R rear upper control arms + ball joints
                              • L+R Outer tie rod ends
                              • Front L+R Upper ball joints -1 - +1 camber adjustable-- set to max caster now, will change when I get alignment
                              • Removed extraneous exhaust heat shielding
                              • Gas filler neck, removed unleaded restrictor
                              • Fixed missing front right swaybar end link bushing
                              • Lightened balance belt pulley

                              Question: I need to get it aligned, what's a good start for a race alignment? I'm thinking FRONT 2.5 degrees camber, 0 toe, max caster (even across both sides) - REAR 2 degrees camber 0 toe