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How to put back lower timing cover?

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    How to put back lower timing cover?

    I try every way to put it back but it want to go in.

    I keep getting stuck at radius rod.

    anyone know any trick>?

    forget it. I just beat the shit out of my car because I was sooo fustrated to put this damn cover back on


      Originally posted by XcluziveAZN View Post
      forget it. I just beat the shit out of my car because I was sooo fustrated to put this damn cover back on
      NICE job man

      Is the crank pulley off?Are you trying to do this from up top?Best bet is to jack the driver side up pull the wheel pull the crank pulley and should bolt right on man same way it came off.Check this link out maybe it will get you squared away....
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        i try it from the bottom. of course the crank pulley is off

        the frustrating part is the gasket keep coming off once the thing get in

        whatever. I broke 2 lower timing cover. Now i got to order another one


          I hear ya, I haven't done mine in awhile, but it did take several tries just b/c of the gasket. It literally only goes up and in 1 way from the bottom, very tough, you'll get there.


            Remove the bar that goes to the front crossmember . Go in slow. It takes a while. I put some glue at the top of the gasket and had a 2nd person guide me up.


              you have to tilt the bottom of the cover towards the back and go in that way. try doing a h22 swapped car. its even tighter.
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                Originally posted by wed3k View Post
                try doing a h22 swapped car. its even tighter.

                I spent 2 hours wrestling that lower timing cover and at the same time trying to keep that rubber seal that goes around it on, which kept on coming off. That was honestly the most time consuming part of the t-belt install.


                  I will give it a try again after i get another timing cover

                  I might take off the Radius Rod this time


                    I always use silicone sealer to hold the gasket on the cover. Well worth the 40 minutes or so it takes to set up.

                    Problem solved.
                    Originally posted by sweet91accord
                    if aredy time i need to put something in cb7tuner. you guy need to me a smart ass about and bust on my spelling,gramar and shit like that in so sorry.


                      I got so frustrated with one of mine that I undid the left front corner of the cross member to allow the engine to drop even more than with just the left engine mount undone. I second using sealer or gasket maker as an adhesive to hold the seals on.
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                        the cover is the only thing left for me to get my CB up and running.

                        it been shitting there for a year