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h23a / f22a6 interchangable internal parts ?

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    h23a / f22a6 interchangable internal parts ?

    gm folks i ve spent the majority of the morning reading, i have not found the info im looking for so im gonna ask , does anyone out there know if a stock f22a6 crank will match up in a stock h23a1 bottom end ?

    i found what i needed to know in this thread hear ** H/F Series Engine Dimensional Info **

    great info the h23a1 and the f22a have the same crank rods and bearings so im goo to go on my rebuild !


      Sorry I didn't see this earlier but that's great that the search feature yielded results for you. Yes, you're correct that they're the same. The only difference between the rotating assemblies of an H23A1 and any F22A/B (aside from some trivial rod casting differences over the years) is the pistons.

      Two other points:
      Be sure to measure very thoroughly for each individual bearing surface because Honda has different color-coded bearings to achieve appropriate clearances when rebuilding.

      Also, if you have questions on part numbers in the future a good method to use is searching and comparing two part numbers in question. Sometimes that's still not totally conclusive but the pictures help. If it's something you need dimensional information for the RockAuto's catalog is great as well.

      Good luck.
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        wow thanks very helpfull website ok another? how to you tell what color the bearings are are they markd some wear on the bearing block or crank side possibly (i hope): ?? ok the honda web site does not seem to have the full engine gasket set wer would you suggest i get a complete set from ? im trying to buy one whole gasket set with seals so i dont have to even consider it haveing any leaks later down the road


          As far as I know there isn't a "kit" available unless some third part vendor has assembled one with Honda parts and is reselling it. The easiest thing would be to start at the headgasket and work your way down noting part numbers as you go. Then go up from the headgasket repeating the process.
          My Members' Ride Thread - It's a marathon build, not a sprint. But keep me honest on the update frequency!


            yea i noticed that i bought another cb so i can have a dd and im going to take my time and do a full turbo build on my se thank you for your help