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Where can I buy rear stabilizer bar end-links?

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    Where can I buy rear stabilizer bar end-links?

    I'm trying to install the rear stabilizer bar from a 94 accord EX on my 92 LX. I got a bar and the sub-frame (which already has holes for the brackets) from a salvage yard, but I didn't grab the end links because I figured I'd just buy new ones, but now I can't find anywhere that sells them. Any ideas?

    Doesnt look like you can buy them separately except for Ebay.
    Mine came with the progress sway bar, Best mod so far.




        Calm down Swiss, this is actually a valid "where can I buy" question. It's not like he is asking where he can buy "mad phat exhaust headers that make my car dope and loud fast."

        My honest answer is to go to rockauto and buy them for the 94 model you got the donor parts from. Beyond that you can get them from energy suspension or any other poly bushing company.

        My question to you is why go this route (CD5) over a subframe from a CB7 or Acura 3.2 CL that has larger diameter sway bars and should bolt up easier.


          The subframe for a '94-'97 Accord is going to space the rear lower control arms apart by 30mm so you'll need the knuckles from that same year range of Accord as well. If not, you'll have to bend the lower control arms closer together where they attach to the knuckle and get the 221mm through bolt into them. Your alternative to purchasing knuckles is to get a '90-'93 Accord EX/SE rear subframe as they space the lower control arms correctly.
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            endlinks, dealer.
            What makes me laugh about forums, is that no matter how much you try to help someone, they dont take the advice. Go ahead and do it the hard way.

            You got to respect what you drive, and appreciate what you have, making the best of what you got. and if that means putting CAI, HID's, a phat stereo system, and a idiot in the drivers seat...then so be it!



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